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A Sensual and Holistic Massage and Bathing Experience

Japanese sensual massage spa

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Soapy Japanese sensual massage

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Full Body Bikini Massage
Part One with English Subtitles

It's a solid and totally undisputed fact that the population of Japan is sinking faster than the career of a one-gag pair of manzai comedians who combust in a fiery flare of fifteen minutes of nationwide acclaim on a gamut of variety shows whom in a matter of speedy months find themselves begging for work on infomercials for feminine products. There are simply too many retirees that put an immense burden on the already crooked and warped backs of the crestfallen Japanese youth who have no choice but to carry a burden with inhumane and unfeasible efficiency in order to keep their jobs and the country's economy in check.

There is rarely time for respite with the burden of the nation resting on one's shoulders like a two ton globe of tireless urgency. Nevertheless, as the young Shin-Seishain (newly hired fresh out of college full time employees of Japanese zaibatsu conglomerates) struggle with their new-found virtual imprisonment in the hands of upper management who envy their naive uppityness that starkly contrasts with their seen-all done-all life encompassing ennui, middle management finds themselves as the primary caretakers of both the fresh faced young hires and the geriatrics sucking away at their shrinking pensions. If anything, these middle-aged Japanese salarymen need a time out more than anyone else.

Finding time to truly relax is akin to a diamond in the rough but occasionally opportunities arise and what better way to make use of it than to hit a bedizened massage spa for an hour of blissful relaxation that sends one to extremis and back. Although most Japanese salarymen would most likely choose any unexpected schedule openings to take a well-needed afternoon snooze, some choose a more more holistic approach to their spiritual and physical needs of rejuvenation.

Japan, having by far the best customer service worldwide has cut no corners in the name of penny-pinching avarice in designing massage clinics. Dimly lit natural ambiance, scented candles of sweet ambrosial fragrances, attractive smooth-talking female staff in matching perfectly pressed uniforms without a blemish in sight, and even atmospheric mood music limns the spa in torpid bliss which all goes in concert with the universally required mini waterfall flowing with crystal clear spring water imported from crystal clear falls dotting the mountains of Nagano. This, my friends, is what a Japanese massage clinic is all about.

Although there have been many various strange and bizarre Japanese massage clinics and spas highlighted previously such as the one catering solely to milfs and that one staffed by sultry female masseuses who turn medicinal holistic massages into lesbian-themed dalliances, today's clinic takes a less traveled road.

Not necessarily a sensual oil-based full body massage rub down with the possibility of a happy ending, today's showcased massage clinic features a smorgasbord of young, attractive female Japanese masseuses clad in the quintessential white masseuse smocks (and for a nominal fee, bikinis) performing fully body scrub-downs. Literally.

Japanese salarymen can work up quite a noisome stench at times and although the recently highlighted burgeoning penis washing services have sprung up in major metropolitan hubs across the country, some opt for a more thorough assisted bathing package hence the creation of high scale, supernal bathing centers that combine the sensuality of a full body massage with the cleanliness of a sumptuous soapy sponge-bath all performed by cheerful female Japanese employees that cloy you, the client, into a state of nearly unrecoverable bliss.

After deciding on your course whether it be a single bathing assistant in a regular white cleaning smock or the 'tokubetsu' ("Special") bathing course featuring a bikini clad bathing masseuse assistant that uses a bit more than just hands to ensure that you have reached the upper echelon of cleanliness by the end of your cleaning session, the experience will be one of remarkable pleasure.

Guided to your bathing room and disrobed down to the provided navy cotton boxers, your bikini clad (assuming you made the right choice) Japanese bathing assistant in raiments several sizes too small exposing more of her pale, argent body than is considered normally decent lathers up a mountain of foamy body soap before working it into your waiting, exposed skin.

Flitly dashing from head to toe, every area is sensually massaged and caressed with this squishy white, foamy goodness by this hard at work bikini clad Japanese beauty who peregrinates on a well-charted course from your sensitive scalp all the way down to your tired and aching feet being sure to make layovers at your more sensitive mid-section areas that need an even more thorough inspection than normal. Of course, some parts of your bodies lie hidden to the naked eye such as that extra personal area covered by those by-now incredibly soaked up boxers.

Times like this call for the bravura only professionally trained Japanese full body bathers can muster and with hands working their soapy, foamy magic underneath the boxers on your supine, sparkling nearly naked body, your more personal yet equally in need of a scrubbing body parts are given a delightful rubdown often times by two hands in sensually fluid, pumping motions.

Bathing without aid can be a truly harrowing and lonely experience for some--especially after a long day's work with a soul-sucking bout of 'mandatory' overtime that leaves even the most courageous and valiant employees trammeled to a state of docile gravitas as they board the last train of the night and meander their way homes inwardly resenting the fact that tomorrow is another day of the same vicious cycle of mediocrity. Breaking the chain of redundancy and mundaneness--especially when wives are too busy with other activities sometimes normal and sometimes bizarrely kinky--is treat well worth the asking price.

Lying on a soft massage table drifting into your own personal paradise as a very attractive string bikini clad Japanese beauty with soft hands lovingly rubs and massages your aching joints while simultaneously bathing you and taking the extra time and precaution to work those extra sensitive areas your Japanese housewife has long neglected is a idyllic sensation like no other. Along with the various types of new spas popping up all over the country that cater to the more strange and carnal needs of its clients, the Japanese assisted bathing massage spa is sure to hold its place and expand like wildfire.

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Full Body Bikini Massage
Part Two with English Subtitles

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