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Shy ENF Japanese Schoolgirls in Prank News Show

Hot Spring Reporters
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With summer upon us, many Japanese college students are scrambling to attain a sufficient amount of credits to advance to the next level of their (questionably) worthwhile four year post high school education. Some students in their twilight semesters finally start cramming in the classes to fill up their already busy schedule in a last ditch chance to skim by the graduation requirements. Other students aren't so lucky and after making the dreaded discovery that they are short of credits and cannot graduate, they attempt to find a loophole in order to avoid staying on as a 'super senior' and draining their poor, penurious family units into even more economic sorrow. In order to accomplish this, they make deals with the heads of their respective departments for some eleventh hour extra credit. Some assignments are pretty standard such as extended essays, minor presentations, TA'ing during summer courses, etc. However, as we will soon see, a group of attractive and cute (yes, there is a difference between the two when talking about Japanese girls!) Japanese female slackers are going to be given an assignment that blends kinky with some reluctant exhibitionism and then some.

Being media and communications majors, it would only be logical for these cute, petite, and outwardly shy students to be given 'last-chance' assignments relative to their studies of the past four years. Thus, in a show of gratitude for their 8 semesters of heavy monetary donations to the school resulting in a steady rise in upper faculty emoluments, they are given an at-first seemingly easy group project that entails them to head over to a local hot springs bath—also known as an onsen—and give a general report about it including basic topics such as interviews with bathers, facts about onsen bathing, and many of its positive health benefits (reduces muscle pains, aches, etc.). What they don't realize until it is too late is one tiny—nearly miniscule requirement their professor brushed over before sending them on their way: all their interviews and presentations must be done as if they were actual bathers at the onsen. In other words, they have to perform their final presentation to clear graduation in the nude!

From a surprised and reluctant strip tease in the traditional wood-covered changing room outside of the hot spring bath—the male section of the hot springs to be precise, we are greeted with the majestic site of a group of shocked yet committed Japanese schoolgirls only two decades into life as they remove their outdoor garments and as quickly as possible try to cover their pure, unblemished nude forms with tiny towels before grabbing a microphone and heading into the steamy, sultry realm of their final assignments.

Not all of the students are amazingly shy. Rather, some are actually outgoing and proud of their new-found nudism and while interviewing male bathers, they occasionally let their towels slip exposing their young, perky breasts to the delights of male bathers and whether or not this is intentional is anyone's guess. Of course, the entire interview process cannot be done while clinging to a towel that may burden down the interviewer and the imagination of those trying to take in the hidden treats of naked Japanese college girls. Thus, the second part of the interview process at this special outdoor Japanese hot spring takes place in the tranquil, clear, medicinal waters and part of the requirement of entry is absolutely no clothing—including towels. Here, we see the students hesitantly remove their last vestige of clinging modesty and attempt to invade the peaceful waters amongst an eyeful male bathers while trying to cover their private, womanly bits but failing to do so with maladroit ineptitude.

Inches away from exposed and gradually hardening manhood, these schoolgirls shy and outgoing alike try to put on their most prudent poker faces and report on various facts of the hot springs along with a continuation of character interviews. However, most cannot keep up the all-business charade with extreme sexuality nearly brushing up against their smooth faces and accidents—messy ones—may occur.

Later on, the fun via kinky and strange Japanese-themed schadenfreude continues in a bathing area of this special onsen and there we are greeted by three of the new trial-run nudist students as they tightly clutch their cordless microphones (all this is being taped by clothed, male cameramen for an interesting spin on CFNM) while vainly clutching their legs together and covering their breasts of various sizes from small to gigantic. Here in order to showcase the correct way to bathe before entering the hot spring (an interesting step back considering their first task was to converse with people already in the pool which makes you wonder if these group of nudist Japanese college students are practicing proper hot spring etiquette themselves!), they descend upon a nude and eager male hot spring goer and use their soft, smooth hands to lather him up from head to toe without missing a thing.

As the bizarre fun continues, we are shown two outgoing students who are proud of their nudity and one incredibly shy Japanese schoolgirl somewhat on the slim side yet still packing some heavy equipment up top. With the focus being on her as she contorts her cute face into a comically strange and bizarre cross between a smirk and a grin, she crouches down with her naked friends and tries to use her available hand to bathe this naked male bather whom she has only met just moments before. Fortunately for us, the delicate balancing act of covering one's most intimate areas while trying to bathe someone ends up being an impossible imbroglio and this shy schoolgirl finally gives in by letting it all hang out as she lathers up this sitting and waiting bather all in hopes of graduating on time and not having her distressed parents discover her kinky eleventh hour clarion call.

Hot Spring (or Onsen) Reporters greatly expands upon the “Would you enter a hot spring wearing only a towel?” concept that has emerged in recent years combining the female reluctant nudist Japanese exhibitionist and the serenity and peacefulness that Japanese hot springs are known to provide. On top of that, some kinky and crazy pranks abound in the form of shy female college students stripping down for the first time in a very public place and greatly outnumbered by the opposite sex. Here they see each others' nudity for the first time in an increasingly sexually-charged environment all the while being recorded...for science of course.

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