Minako Komukai - The Terror of the Suite Room Part One

DREAM TICKET's Incredible AV OPEN Contender


Minako Komukai - The Terror of the Sweet Room
Part One with English Subtitles
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It's not often we at ZENRA go all out in showing a release as hard as something from DREAM TICKET's SUITE ROOM series.  I'd say the last time we showed anything in this caliber of insanity was well over a year ago in a 'quaint' release featuring CHIHIRO HASEGAWA.  Between then and now, we've obviously shown titles that scrape the stratosphere of true hardcore, but the sheer brutality both in what happens and the way it's filmed reaches fever pitch in this very special AV OPEN contender.

Yes, DREAM TICKET took an already popular and long-running series (10 years and counting!), picked probably the most controversial actress possible, included an additional well-known female actress/director, and upped the running time to a solid three hours.  That's what we get today and Friday in THE TERROR OF THE SUITE ROOM starring MINAKI "THE SITUATION" KOMUKAI.

If you haven't heard of her, spend a few minutes going over her English Wikipedia page to get a rundown on this very newsworthy figure.  The short?  A popular career as a gravure model mixed in with drug addictions led her almost behind bars.  Between addictions (apparently she relapsed again after her first retirement after this release) she decided to do JAV.

SUITE ROOM was supposed to be her final release.  It was billed as her 'retirement title', but MINAKO and honesty don't seem to be bedfellows as some months later she went back and did a whole bunch of uncensored releases and as of writing this, she returned again to the censored JAV industry and is active once again.  It's safe to say you won't see any other studio billing a release by her as her 'retirement' one.  It's just too risky!

THE TERROR OF THE SUITE ROOM is brutal.  But it's brutality in a way that's captured beautifully.  I've been very critical in the past when reviewing uncensored Japanese AV movies that also feature hard group scenes.  You end up more often than not with a set that's too light, a camera that's a bit too fluid, and anonymous men clocking in their cumshots.

This time around, you still have the anonymous men, but DREAM TICKET doesn't even try to deny it!  Mosaic for *everyone's* faces is standard in this series.  THE SUITE ROOM is all about the private erotic hell inflicted upon a sole famous Japanese AV star.  It's about training her in the arts of extreme sexuality.  It's about doing this and more in the confines of a hotel room--a real one mind you so there's always the risk of being caught by nosy guests complaining about 'certain noises'.

Camerawork in SUITE ROOM was as brutal as the play.  Expect uncomfortable angle changes, actual slamming of the camera down on the table more times than what's prudent, and even very noticeable blurring in and out during some of the harder play in the second half.  This blur was interesting as it looked like the camera lens attracted a lot of dust.  Usually this would be a production snafu, but I feel for this title at least an imperfect camera adds even more reality making SUITE ROOM a fantastic release within the GONZO genre of adult video.  

Probably a slight negative to this movie would be needing to know a bit about MINAKO KOMUKAI before going watching it.  This is not the type of title that starts with a cozy interview with play that starts soft and ends up insane by the end.  Rather, it's assumed you know already who she is and all about how much of a 'bad girl' she is.  Play starts pretty much immediately and MINAKO barely utters more than a few complete sentences in the entire three hours of footage.  We really only see her open up at the literal very end in a post-interview (that supposedly takes place a week before the actual filming).  Otherwise, dialog is heavy and nearly nonstop, but it's doled out by the anonymous men (and also by NAO MASAKI in the second half).

When we first opted to license this title out, we did so less because of the theme and more because of WHO was in it.  Now, however, we see just how incredible the 'sole JAV star against the world' theme can actually work if a competent studio and director bring it to life.  We definitely won't be showing releases from the SUITE ROOM series often, but it's safe to say MINAKO KOMUKAI's experience in one will not be the last time you see one at ZENRA with English subtitles.


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