Ayumi Shinoda - Debt Payback Wife Slave Auction

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Ayumi Shinoda - Debt Payback Wife Slave Auction
with English Subtitles


“Ayumi Shinoda’s husband, the CEO of a tradiing company, has found himself owing a serious amount of money to the Yakuza due to a business deal gone sour.  Unable to pay it off the traditional way, Ayumi is selected as a corporeal replacement.  Her training begins then and there at home as he watches in horror.  His nightmare, Ayumi’s salacious descent into Japan’s underworld, continues on and on as he’s shown some of her ‘training’ videos and just when he fears all hope is lost, one final attempt at winning his wife back is presented:  bid on her at the auction.”

-Translated and touched up blurb for today’s update.

One of the things that Japan still lags behind compared to countries like USA is a unified credit reporting agency (apparently some exist now, but it's still pretty nascent).  This means when it comes to getting a loan, whatever institute you wish to borrow from's going to look over your details from step one rather than quickly lookup your credit score and go from there.

This can be troublesome and time-consuming as banks often will do their due diligence and sometimes you might need money much sooner.  And sometimes you'll not only need it soon, but also need a lot of it!

This is where we find the husband (name not given...even in the script!) for today's incredible drama release by ORGA.  A successful (debatable) CEO who wanted more than anything to push his company into the stratosphere of success.  A deal was made and he over-extended himself and his company beyond the limit of financial prudence.  To make matters worse, in order to pay the suppliers to get material to make whatever his company makes (not ever mentioned so I'm assuming it's either sprockets or cogs!), he had to take out a loan with an organization with a rather unsavory and questionably deserved reputation.

It's too bad the company who intended to pay him turned out to vanish like a fart in the wind come collection day.  They left him high and dry and at the doorstep of bankruptcy.  What's worse, the providers of the loan didn't also disappear and were very eager to collect...

If you've been a subscriber to ZENRA for at least a few months, then you may recall a very similar title to AYUMI SHINODA - DEBT PAYBACK WIFE SLAVE AUCTION.  That one stars KUREA HASUMI and actually is the second that follows this storyline.  From a 'beauty' standpoint, at least in my opinion I put AYUMI SHINODA and KUREA HASUMI on equal footing; they're both incredibly easy on the eyes and both have absolutely fantastic bodies.

Storyline and overall acting ability--at least for this series I'd probably allow KUREA to keep the torch.  Her version of DEBT PAYBACK WIFE SLAVE AUCTION was about 25 minutes longer and I feel that those extra minutes were used to great effect:  rather than add another sexual encounter (which hey, is almost always a good thing!), the director, SHISUI USABA, added in more dialog interludes that I felt really fleshed out the story.

If there's one negative I can write about AYUMI SHINODA's DEBT PAYBACK, it's that the story felt a bit more rushed given the shorter runtime.  The same kind of connection between horror and reality both KUREA and her husband shared in their title felt a bit muted here.  AYUMI didn't really give off the sadistic mixture of pleasure and shock that KUREA pushed forth.  Her husband also didn't seem as heartbroken as KUREA's.

They did nail the lighting in AYUMI SHINODA's release.  The auction scene in particular which was a bit dark in KUREA's release looked a lot better this time around with fantastic spotlights directly over a stark naked AYUMI SHINODA outlining every bit of her exposed figure.  No hiding in the shadows for her!  Everyone from the group of bidding gentlemen to mobsters TETSU and DANGO and friends, and even the two unnamed and masked female extras could easily canvass her entire body in eyefuls of shame.

As of writing this, it's been well over half a year since ORGA released the KUREA HASUMI version of this story and although a compilation release of both hers and AYUMI SHINODA's is coming out in a few days, there still has not been a legit successor to this storyline.  I've no idea how these two titles faired in popularity in Japan, but they did receive fantastic reviews.  I can assume, however, that even if they did well, it's possible they didn't do well enough to warrant more as huge casts and even larger production crews (15 or so plus actors!) makes for a very expensive shoot!

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