Reporter Ayumu Sena in Dire Straits

Blue Collar Sex for Pink Collar Reporter


Reporter Ayumu Sena in Dire Straits
with English Subtitles


It's not too often you see uncensored Japanese AV movies taking super huge risks.  As many ZENRA subscribers probably noticed, 'sans mosaic' more often than not equates to standard fare hardcore.  This by itself isn't necessarily a bad thing if sex and only sex is what you want to see, but being a site that specializes in more alternative forms of adult video, we're always pining for titles that think a bit more out of the box.

Today, with our second AYUMU SENA feature, we were not disappointed in the slightest.  Even though the second half turned into a everyday group sex fare with overtly dominant men taking turns on a highly submissive woman, the action leading up to it was totally out there to say the least.  REPORTER AYUMU SENA IN DIRE STRAITS took the kind of risks we're all for and for the most part, the payoff was without complaint.

Being a slightly shorter title (as most uncensored ones are due to be filmed in a more episodic format), the buildup to the main events was brief.  Probably too brief if you ask us, but hey, we're no directors.  AYUMU SENA, going by her uncensored stage name 'AIKO HIROSE' (AV stars sometimes use alternate names when doing uncensored to avoid any contractual disputes), plays a reporter out to interview the owner of a local business.

If you've lived in Japan, you've seen this format on morning TV many a time:  reporters will 'randomly' walk into offices, restaurants, workshops, and the like and interview the staff (spoiler:  these places usually pay to be featured).  It's nice, it's quaint, and pretty much everyone loves seeing how a multi-generational small business survives in today's 'omotenashi-nashi' climate.

The gist of DIRE STRAITS is just that:  AYUMU goes into a local factory with plans to interview their CEO.  However, pretty much from the moment she opened the door, things derail immediately.  The few gruff staff present care little for an impromptu visit by a perky reporter and her cameraman lapdog and minutes into the office she's already escorted (kindly, mind you) down to their main work area for the remainder of this extra heavy title.

We never do get to find out what this company makes.  If I had to guess, I'd give it a 50/50 chance they produce either cogs or sprockets, but what is known is their bizarre arsenal of industrial-use tools that had somehow been modified to provide extreme pleasure for certain female reporters.

What happens in the first half of DIRE STRAITS is some of the most insane ENF and CMNF sexual teasing in recent memory--at least for an uncensored title.  Vacuums are used as are dildos affixed to drills.  There's suction and blowing, vibration, and more as a very sweaty and aroused AYUMU SENA rests stark naked with legs akimbo on a sex swing (yes, apparently they have one of those handy in this factory).

It's a pleasant change to see an uncensored title venture so far from the norm, but of course the second half is a bit more ho-hum standard fare if you're fond of multiple brusque men taking turns with one woman.  Condoms are absent and the finales are all nakadashi and after all is said and done, AYUMU does finally get to properly conclude her on-location reporting, but we don't think she'll return.

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