Hitomi Kitagawa in Abnegation Abolished

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Hitomi Kitagawa in Abnegation Abolished
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Some say you can easily classify Japanese AV stars into ranks with the top tier being A-rank and slowly, but surely you keep on going down till you're at potentially Z-rank.  Although classifying oneself as something is a staple of Japanese society where from a young age group think is pounded into the malleable minds of fervent youth, we'd rather not assign ranks to AV stars.  Even if we are not fans of their careers, simply saying so-and-so is a D-rank star may ruffle the feathers of extremely devout fans of her and the last thing we'd want is a faceless army of 2channelers pummeling down our doors for a harsh critique of their idol.

Fear not, HITOMI KITAGAWA was never anything less than a B-rank AV star.  Did she have the ability to share the same stage as some of the really huge names in the industry?  Debatable, but nevertheless, as far as fans of AV were concerned, she had a household name.

By the way, we're referring to her in the past tense because she retired out of the industry about a year ago.  She's alive and well and frequently updates on Twitter under her alter ego 'Erika'.  There you can see many pictures of her wearing a variety of hats practicing the same exact smile paired with eyes that seem to have no emotion behind them.  Oops, I hope we didn't rustle anyone's jimmies with that one!

Alright, but really, we're awfully thankful that HITOMI KITAGAWA made no aspirations about wanting to break into the mainstream entertainment industry after retiring from AV.  We doubt she would have made it far.  As far as we know, she works/worked at a "men's este".  This can either be in reference to a light brothel where only handjobs and blowjobs are provided or she potentially received a esthetician and/or massage therapist license and is working at a legit spa for men like Dandy House.

Before all that though, she starred in a slew of titles spanning several years and even graced the uncensored stage for a small number as well.  A couple of months back we featured a rather nice one starring her and here we are again with its follow-up.

We have been rather vitriolic in the past with some uncensored titles throwing good production values to the ground for the sake of filming until-then forbidden territory, but once in awhile titles such as ABNEGATION ABOLISHED come around.  In this hour love romp with HITOMI KITAGAWA, the camerawork excels and the lighting is superb.  This is one beautiful title and while it may be short, it's one we think many a fan will visit frequently for a very long time.

ABNEGATION ABOLISHED is split into two scenes with the first taking up the bulk of the running time.  It's essentially a mirror image of GINZA MARY's single lengthy scene, but this time it's just between HITOMI and a single (and very, very lucky) actor.  HITOMI may have chronic tinea versicolor (or 'haole rot' for any ZENRA fans from the 808 state!), but her mildly spotted appearance wouldn't bother us or anyone else from intimately cuddling with her.  She has that kind of body that looks totally devoid of even the slightest bit of muscle tone making for some sloppy yet pleasurable sex.

Bukkake even has a small appearance in the last few minutes of this release so if messy facial finishes are your thing, you can skip the nakadashi finale in the first scene and fast-forward to the final moments of this update.  This was a good one and is a picture-perfect example of what we'd like to see out of uncensored releases when it comes to great production values.

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