Kurea Hasumi Debt Payback Wife Slave Auction

Cuckolding from the Japanese Underworld


Kurea Hasumi Debt Payback Wife Slave Auction
with English Subtitles


'Thank you for waiting.  It is time now to showcase our featured product, a thoroughly housebroken married woman with the figure of a goddess.'

It’s an all out war between rival companies with the president of one having the wife of his competitor retrained for the greater good.  It all starts with a friendly visit where his lackeys show the husband the proper way to treat a woman:  nakadashi sex while he quivers in a corner.  The distraught husband receives frequent updates via video mail of the continued training of his wife.  This all leads up to a clandestine auction where freshly-trained Kumiko (played by KUREA HASUMI) is offered to the highest bidder who happens to be…

It’s pleasure of the highest order mixed with training that’s beyond condescending.  What would you do if this was your wife?

-Blurb from ORGA's official site

We have never been more thrilled to finally have a way to show drama Japanese AV than we are here and now.  Thanks to ORGA, we now have access to some of the best-shot titles in the industry and they keep on outdoing themselves.  It gets better and better...and then they throw a splendid curve-ball with the introduction of their 'BLACK' label.  Titles released under this umbrella often feature themes that ricochet off normal so far it almost actually hurts.

Abnormal yet totally possible best describe the events portrayed in KUREA HASUMI DEBT PAYBACK WIFE SLAVE AUCTION.  It's all about a 'fair' deal gone down...badly--the last fair deal gone down if you simply cling to the husband's side of the equation.  We don't know for sure if he truly is the 'bad guy' in this title.  We don't know if he's just getting what he deserves.  What we do know early on is in spite of being accused of fraud, in spite of Yakuza goons breathing down his neck, he puts up nothing even close to a fight.

What we do know is he apparently cost his biggest rival to lose almost a million dollars (technically 100 million yen, but we converted it for a western audience) and since it's nigh on possible for someone so very middle class to fork up such a monumental figure, his wife is chosen to pay it back by auctioning herself off as a sex slave.

DEBT PAYBACK WIFE SLAVE AUCTION is an immense title.  We loved working on it.  Given the heavy emphasis on 'underworld' dialog--and the amount of it!--this title took longer than normal to complete, but we had a ton of fun subtitling it.  If anything, finally exiting out of our subtitling program was a moment full of bittersweet emotion.  Even writing this review brings about a modicum of sorrow knowing it's going to end sooner rather than later.  Yes, this title is *that* good and outside of a lack of lesbian play (not that we asked for it here), it probably has something to satisfy all fans of Japanese AV.

This is where KUREA HASUMI makes her ZENRA debut.  She's actually been doing AV for some years now as she debuted back in 2012 so just like with AI UEHARA, we apologize for being so late with showing a movie featuring her.  Out all top rank active AV stars (as of writing this at least...), KUREA probably has the most 'unique' look.  I personally find her both unusual-looking and beautiful.  Perhaps it's the larger-than-average eyebrows that are almost pointed upwards (ala MONA TAKEI) or maybe it's the breasts that obviously are not something she was born with...who knows!  Whether or not you're a fan of bolt-ons, two things are major merits for her:  her supernal butt and her sexual confidence.  She's a woman who knows how to move her body in ways most lascivious!

Up until now we haven't done much with the cuckold genre, but with our ORGA partnership that changes NOW.  This 140 minute behemoth is all about KUREA, a married woman, having sex with men other than her husband while he watches and is humiliated!  He's distraught he and his wife are in such a sorry situation, he's depressed that his life partner now is the plaything of men who potentially have missing digits, and his nightmare of infidelity constantly happens right in front of him.

What's worse--what makes this his very own hell on earth:  his wife starts to enjoy it!  Her training may begin as a one-way street, but as predicted by those doling it out, she becomes what she most feared:  an unfaithful married woman addicted to perversion.

And even for those moments when KUREA is trained, her masters record it all and have her husband watch it in horror and shock.  His nightmare never ends.  This is a BLACK release after all so don't expect a traditional "happy ending".  Think Requiem for a Dream, but just the sex portions of its hellish finale.  By the end of DEBT PAYBACK WIFE SLAVE AUCTION, nobody except perhaps the mob and the president of the husband's rival company is in a better situation.  

The DEBT PAYBACK WIFE SLAVE AUCTION can be considered a series though one that isn't updated too often.  So far there are two titles released under it, today's with KUREA HASUMI and another starring AYUMI SHINODA.  Fortunately, we licensed BOTH so AYUMI as a beautiful wife married to trouble will be joining us again for more dramatic Japanese AV later this year.  Oh, and KUREA also will be making a comeback via ORGA and this time she'll be in a more dominant role.


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