The English translation of the name of this extremely unique, bizarre, and very long-running independent Japanese AV production company translates to 'A Meeting of Aesthetics'. It is incredibly difficult to even begin describing what Chiba Eizou, the director and pleasure provider in all TANBIKAI productions carries out. It's not exactly BDSM though certainly under the umbrella of all things S&M. Women are voluntary bound and intimately examined and teased with extra focus on nasal expansion by means of very unique devices. Hot wax and enemas along with the occasional use of a vibrator also are included and once in awhile, the enemas lead to even harder acts of fetish fantasy.

The Palatial Persecution of the Nose SubtitledExclusive (August 18 2017)

TANBIKAI with an audience of photogs in a release all about some of the more extreme ways to erotically modify the beautiful female form.

  • the palatial persecution of the nose
  • feet up in air panties pulled slightly down japanese bdsm
  • japanese bdsm spit exchange
  • nose hooks bound japanese woman licks fingers
  • extremely wet bound japanese woman
  • bound japanese woman fingered from behind
Nose Idol SubtitledExclusive (May 05 2017)

Generally outgoing Yui Kyouno finds herself on the submissive in this very heavy BDSM title put out by TANBIKAI.

  • nose idol tanbikai yui kyouno
  • yui kyouno bound has anus inspected
  • brushes into expanded nostrils of japanese av star
  • brushes and nose hooks for yui kyouno
  • nose hooks used on kyouno yui
  • nostrils of japanese av star spread
Once a Maiden of Purity, Now a Saint of Purgatory SubtitledExclusive (February 10 2017)

Extreme defilement of a very pierced Japanese amateur half as a maid and half as the naked plaything of CHIBA EIZOH in a twisted BDSM title by TANBIKAI.

  • once a maiden of purity now a saint of purgatory
  • bound woman three quarters naked legs spread
  • nose hooks with tongue pulling
  • busty japanese woman nipples pulled
  • cotton swab up nostril of japanese maid
  • japanese woman finger in nose
Bound to Sensuality with Maya Sakamoto SubtitledExclusive (November 07 2016)

Nose hooks and rope binding from TANBIKAI featuring the very attractive yet demure half Japanese half Polish AV star Maya Sakamoto.

  • bound to sensuality
  • spread japanese woman bound and fingered
  • double nose hook japanese bondage
  • tanbikai tongue in nostril
  • tall japanese woman in security guard cosplay
  • maya sakamoto introduction
Aesthetical Nose Adjustment for Japanese Gyaru SubtitledExclusive (August 19 2016)

TANBIKAI takes on three Japanese gyaru of varying shades of tan and gregariousness in this BDSM update all about erotic embarrassment.

  • aesthetical nose adjustment for japanese gyaru
  • naked bound japanese woman meets vibrator
  • nipples exposed on bound japanese woman
  • tanbikai beautiful nose torture
  • cmnf bottomless gyaru bound instructed to walk
  • tongue clamps on japanese gyaru
The Banshee Howl of Bound Submission SubtitledExclusive (May 25 2016)

Voluptuous and bound only begins to describe what the busty Akemi Nishino goes through via the dextrous hands of a TANBIKAI release.

  • the banshee howl of submission
  • fingering during candle play in japan
  • candle play with voluptuous woman in garter belt
  • red candle meets japanese woman on all fours
  • nose hook hell with eizoh chiba
  • thick japanese woman in red bra with nose hooks
Thralldom of a Violated Saint SubtitledExclusive (February 27 2016)

Curvy bordering on voluptuous Japanese amateur college student with zero BDSM experience is in for a seriously kinky surprise by EIZOH CHIBA at TANBIKAI.

  • Thralldom of a Violated Saint
  • Spread big Japanese butt cheeks
  • CMNF Japanese bondage spanking
  • Naked pale Japanese woman with nose hooks
  • Big breasts Japanese student bound with nose hooks
  • Japanese nose hooks nostril licking
Heavenly Hellfire SubtitledExclusive (December 19 2015)

Another round of TANBIKAI featuring the slightly voluptuous and highly submissive Airi Yoshida who finds herself in a heterodox CMNF and ENF situation.

  • Heavenly Hellfire by TANBIKAI
  • Naked Japanese woman suspension prep
  • Big breasts tiny nipples with clamps
  • Tongue clamp attached to breast clamps
  • Nose hook Japanese BDSM
  • Nose hooks on a Japanese woman
The Universal Language of Nasal Agony SubtitledExclusive (September 12 2015)

The first and possibly only addition to ZENRA starring a Caucasian actress who submits herself to the extreme pleasure that is TANBIKAI.

  • Elise Graves visits Japan
  • Double vibrator insertion with white woman in Japan
  • Tanbikai with Elise Graves
  • Japanese nose hooks on white woman
  • Nose hooks on Elise Graves
  • White woman has finger in nose
Nasal Domination Methods for Japanese Women and Schoolgirls SubtitledExclusive (June 27 2015)

Extreme Japanese bondage with the added element of humiliating nose hook usage on three female Japanese volunteers carried out by Eizoh Chiba with subtitle...

  • Bound Japanese schoolgirl Maru Yamamoto
  • Japanese maid nose hook play egins
  • Soaked vibrator during Japanese bondage play
  • Spread eagle vibrator play with nose hook
  • Japanese rimjob with butt cheek licking
  • Nose hook teasing with vibrator