Although not active anymore, GUTS is still known in fetish circles for their fantastic output of truly maniac titles mainly centered on femdom and CFNM. They were anything but a traditional AV maker and have included eyebrow-raising titles during their time as an active studio. ZENRA reached a licensing deal with the company that holds the rights to their titles and will be showcasing nearly all (approximately 200!) movies across various maniac and fetish genres.

The Room of Japanese Schoolgirl Konomi Sakura Subtitled (April 12 2017)

Konomi Sakura has a new part time job that starts off with light dirty picture taking and gets naughtier in this fun take on compensated dating by GUTS.

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Gyaru Masami Compensated Dating AV Debut Subtitled (March 15 2017)

Japanese gyaru of yesteryear complete with stylish for the time cornrows does schoolgirl compensated dating with an AV director to fantastic results by GUT...

  • skipping school gyaru masami
  • butt in air reverse sex with gyaru
  • swimsuit clad gyaru schoolgirl in japan
  • tan schoolgirl butt meets green vibrator
  • gyaru schoolgirl vibrator light mosaic
  • tan japanese schoolgirl panties stripped
Nakadashi Into Married Kei Iwasaki Subtitled (March 01 2017)

Married in real life Kei Iwasaki decides to do one final AV title before retiring and fortunately GUTS got the honor and made her beyond unfaithful.

  • nakadashi into married kei iwasaki
  • japanese wife sex with av director hidden from husband
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  • pale japanese woman flashes big breasts in moving car
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Yuu-chan Wants to be an Idol Subtitled (February 15 2017)

Petite and flawless Yuu-chan is a rarity by being cuter on film than she is on the box cover of this awesome idol training defiled schoolgirl release by GU...

  • my infatuation with naive yuu chan
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  • japanese schoolgirl in swimsuit feels chest
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Gloved Handjobs Subtitled (January 25 2017)

Japanese CFNM featuring cute amateur women who tease naked men with indecent fondling while keeping their hands covered in silky smooth gloves by GUTS.

  • gloved handjobs for the sake of being hygienic
  • cfnm women stare at erection
  • overhead gloved hands over chest of aroused man
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  • pov gloved women caress man
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Kaori Schoolgirl Sex Diary Subtitled (January 11 2017)

Japanese compensated dating in action featuring a schoolgirl months away from graduating selling her uniform and more by GUTS.

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  • massager brushes erect nipple
  • pubic hair patially exposed during vibrator foreplay
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Haruka Nishiyama in Hey... Subtitled (December 28 2016)

Haruka Nishiyama with a lack of experience finds herself the object of perversion in a defiled title by GUTS that makes good use of ramune.

  • haruka nishiyama hey
  • stripped schoolgirl standing from behind butt exposed
  • schoolgirl virgin sex looking into camera
  • soaked schoolgirl after bath
  • haruka nishiyama stuffed with marbles
  • nishiyama haruka flashes panties
I Want to be Loved with Minaki Saotome Subtitled (November 30 2016)

Elegant rope binding of the highest order in this timeless Japanese schoolgirl BDSM classic featuring Minaki Saotome and Yuuto Kuroda by GUTS.

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Married Sayaka Takes on the World Subtitled (November 16 2016)

Classically pale Sayaka nears thirty and with a marriage on thin ice decides to take a dip into the very welcoming world of Japanese AV by GUTS.

  • married sayaka takes on the world
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My Real Senzuri Experience Subtitled (November 09 2016)

Dominant Japanese women both young and old tease you in POV form as you try your hardest to rub one out in this wonderful CFNM femdom release by GUTS.

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Sexually Frustrated Tokyo Wife Sayaka Subtitled (October 05 2016)

Japanese wife Sayaka married to a graphic designer 18 years her senior is being cheated on so she takes out her frustration by starring in an AV title by G...

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Minami Kawashima is Busty and Proud Subtitled (September 21 2016)

Pale and voluptuous best describe Minami Kawashima who seems to be the perfect candidate for a GUTS title all about Japanese women with hourglass figures.

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Tickling Pure Land Paradise Subtitled (August 24 2016)

Tickling finally arrives at ZENRA with a softcore GUTS release starring four young Japanese students in uniform for nonstop laughter.

  • tickling pure land paradise
  • sneezing japanese woman in bloomers
  • swimsuit clad japanese woman tickle torture
  • schoolgirl in japan tries to hold in laughter
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Aya Otosaki in The Limits of Sensitivity Subtitled (August 03 2016)

Highly popular Japanese AV star Aya Otosaki of yesterday goes purely masochistic in a title combining mourning with medicine and even a dungeon by GUTS.

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The Vitriolic War on Masochistic Erections Subtitled (July 13 2016)

Dominant Japanese woman sit in equal bouts ennui and erotic frustration as they tease and toy with highly masochistic men with pathetic erections by GUTS.

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