Although not active anymore, GUTS is still known in fetish circles for their fantastic output of truly maniac titles mainly centered on femdom and CFNM. They were anything but a traditional AV maker and have included eyebrow-raising titles during their time as an active studio. ZENRA reached a licensing deal with the company that holds the rights to their titles and will be showcasing nearly all (approximately 200!) movies across various maniac and fetish genres.

Non Kuraki - The Time We Spent Together... Subtitled (September 13 2017)

Extreme defilement continues with a classic throwback featuring a permanently bewildered Japanese schoolgirl by GUTS.

  • non kuraki the time we spent together
  • blue marble handed to japanese schoolgirl
  • bottomless japanese indoor jump rope
  • squatting no panties japanese schoolgirl outside in patio
  • crouching kuraki non wearing swimsuit
  • squatting japanese girl in swimsuit tries to pee
Appreciation for Busty Hikaru Hoshikawa Subtitled (August 30 2017)

Hikaru Hoshikawa who should have been a household name by now is featured in this quirky GUTS release about big breasts on perfect bodies.

  • big breast japanese av interview
  • busty japanese sex from behind
  • schoolgirl hikaru hoshikawa
  • japanese schoolgirl fondled by salarymen
  • lotion big japanese tits licked
  • rimjob by japanese woman in fundoshi
My Pantyhose Fetish Came to Haunt Me 2 Subtitled (August 23 2017)

Classic Japanese CFNM femdom via GUTS where clothed women wearing various types of leg wear tease masochistic naked men with strange fetishes.

  • high heels threesome japan
  • japanese cfnm foot fetish threesome heaven
  • overhead view pantyhose threesome japan
  • japanese cfnm pantyhose double footjob
  • handjob while licking feet femdom threesome in japan
  • japanese man handjob ejaculation by clothed woman
Drenched Passion of an Older Woman with Yuuko Kasahara Subtitled (August 02 2017)

Yuuko Kasahara the supposed 40 year-old star of this GUTS title is on the outs with her husband and decides doing AV is the best way to get even.

  • slim married japanese woman av interview
  • av actor caresses married japanese woman
  • topless mature japanese wife with clothed actor
  • spread japanese jukujo cucumber insertion
  • double blowjob japanese threesome
  • japanese mature woman in devils threesome
Dancing with the Voluptuous Kurara Sakaki Subtitled (July 19 2017)

Voluptuous Kurara Sakaki does AV for the first time in a documentary style release by GUTS.

  • busty japanese amateur
  • japanese amateur av decision interview
  • big japanese breasts squeezed
  • fingered voluptuous japanese amateur
  • sakaki kurara bloomers bound for breast play
  • kurara sakaki in sheer camisole no bra
The Finale of Innocence with Chihaya-Chan Subtitled (June 28 2017)

Chihaya-chan is your textbook Japanese schoolgirl who remains blissfully malleable in just about every facet of life in this defilement title by GUTS.

  • curious japanese schoolgirl begins to masturbate
  • spread butt cheeks of japanese teen
  • schoolgirl chihaya gives blowjob
  • mostly naked schoolgirl fellatio rear shot
  • japanese schoolgirl butt sacral dimple
  • naked schoolgirl changes into leotard
The Trials of Freshly Married Kaede Sakai Subtitled (June 14 2017)

GUTS went out of their way to make something truly out there with this unfaithful wife title that mixes and matches realism and drama leading to mass confu...

  • secret av shoot for wife
  • lactating young japanese wife
  • japanese cowgirl sex butt close up
  • kaede sakai unshaved vagina unfaithful sex
  • blowjob in japanese love hotel side angle
  • supine naked japanese wife
Izumi Hoshikawa - When We Were Together... Subtitled (May 31 2017)

Truly defiled Japanese schoolgirl Izumi Hoshikawa meets her maker in the form of a very perverted older gentleman in a cozy classic AV release by GUTS.

  • schoolgirl with dirty peg in mouth
  • bottomless schoolgirl fingered
  • vagina strength test in progress
  • slave schoolgirl in hallway
  • missionary sex enjoukousai
  • sex from behind butt focus japan
Cosplay Masturbation Assistance Subtitled (May 10 2017)

Nana Miyachi and Yuria Hidaka dress in adorable cosplay outfits and watch you pleasure yourself in this unique virtual masturbation title by GUTS.

  • nana miyachi with hand out for semen collection
  • miyachi nana in glasses masturbation instructions
  • nana miyachi masturbation imitation
  • yuria hidaka wants to see your butt
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Male Multiple Orgasm Hell Subtitled (April 26 2017)

Pure Japanese CFNM with a strong femdom focus as clothed amateur women tease stark naked men by having them ejaculate multiple times in a row by GUTS.

  • japanese woman strips boxers off man
  • japanese women with aroused man
  • cfnm handjob cumshot
  • cfnm japanese anus inspection
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The Room of Japanese Schoolgirl Konomi Sakura Subtitled (April 12 2017)

Konomi Sakura has a new part time job that starts off with light dirty picture taking and gets naughtier in this fun take on compensated dating by GUTS.

  • leggy japanese schoolgirl bound and exposed
  • bottomless bound and spread japanese schoolgirl
  • sakura konomi shows off sides of pubic hair
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Gyaru Masami Compensated Dating AV Debut Subtitled (March 15 2017)

Japanese gyaru of yesteryear complete with stylish for the time cornrows does schoolgirl compensated dating with an AV director to fantastic results by GUT...

  • skipping school gyaru masami
  • interview with japanese gyaru schoolgirl
  • no mosaic mistake japanese schoolgirl spread
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Nakadashi Into Married Kei Iwasaki Subtitled (March 01 2017)

Married in real life Kei Iwasaki decides to do one final AV title before retiring and fortunately GUTS got the honor and made her beyond unfaithful.

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  • missionary sex with pale japanese wife
  • pale japanese wife with big butt heads to bathroom
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  • iwasaki kei nakadashi retirement
Yuu-chan Wants to be an Idol Subtitled (February 15 2017)

Petite and flawless Yuu-chan is a rarity by being cuter on film than she is on the box cover of this awesome idol training defiled schoolgirl release by GU...

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  • clothed cameraman feels naked models breasts
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  • souta asami kisses schoolgirl
  • japanese idol hopeful sex for success
Gloved Handjobs Subtitled (January 25 2017)

Japanese CFNM featuring cute amateur women who tease naked men with indecent fondling while keeping their hands covered in silky smooth gloves by GUTS.

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  • pov gloved japanese harem
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