Newhalfs & Cross-Dressers

There's no shame in having a confused erection. Newhalfs and even cross-dressers have their select fans who enjoy femininity with something stiff between the legs.

We Invade the Newhalf Onsen SubtitledExclusive (June 22 2018)

POOL CLUB discovers the existence of a local onsen that has a once monthly pickup event for newhalfs and fans of them leading to some amazing orgies.

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Newhalf Remix SubtitledHDExclusive (December 15 2017)

FETISH-JAPAN shows us the perfect way to explore both Japanese newhalfs and cross-dressers for people who are still on the fence.

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Well-Endowed Kaoru Oshima Finds Employment at a Sexy Izakaya SubtitledHDExclusive (June 16 2017)

Famous Japanese cross-dresser Kaoru Oshima has sex with both women and men in this fantastic prank-themed swan song of a title by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

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Kaoru Oshima Questionably Innocent SubtitledExclusive (March 06 2017)

Japanese cross-dresser Kaoru Oshima returns for another outing via POOL CLUB where he plays a very malleable youth not quite sure about his own sexuality.

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Newhalfs Who Visit Public Bathhouses SubtitledHDExclusive (October 07 2016)

Fantastic prank theme title by HOT ENTERTAINMENT featuring beautiful newhalfs who enter public bathhouses to engage in some reverse nanpa.

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You Will Be a Woman From Here On Out SubtitledExclusive (February 20 2016)

Confused Japanese men are convinced by dominant women to cross-dress leading to confused erections that need desperate attention by RADIX.

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Newhalf Hot Springs with Erena SubtitledExclusive (December 26 2015)

Tan Japanese newhalf Erena takes time off from her handjob parlor job to visit a real mixed bathing hot springs full of anxious fans by RADIX.

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Kaoru Oshima - I am a Cross-Dresser SubtitledExclusive (November 14 2015)

Kaoru Oshima does not beat around the bush about his gender and is proud to be the frontrunner of a new wave of cross-dressing Japanese AV launched by RADI...

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