Requiem of the Heisei Generation

When Extreme Facesitting Meets Its Maker

Requiem of the Heisei Generation
with English Subtitles


Preface:  some may find this hard to believe, but all the men in YAPOO's MARKET are there by their own free will.  It may be hard to accept--and certainly hard to stomach!--but this is the truth.  There actually are many men in Japan and beyond who are extremely masochistic and very much into taking part in a 'slave culture' where they are constantly dominated upon by sadistic women.  This is what they want and it's what's provided to them.  These are their dreams become reality.

We return now to the HEISEI GENERATION of Japanese schoolgirls with a flair for extreme BDSM.  This release is as unchained as it gets and makes the previous update, SERENADE almost--ALMOST--kind of tame.

Welcome back folks!  Class is now in session for the REQUIEM OF THE HEISEI GENERATION.

Things now become even more brutal and dark featuring tragedy striking with deliverance of a most macabre kind.  The synopsis provided on the YAPOO's MARKET official site goes into more detail (translated):

"The men of this special academy have continued swimmingly on their training carried out by their cruel female classmates and teachers.  Bit by bit, they have lost their humanity and in its place have turned into living slave toilets.  Their extensive training has now expanded from the classroom to the private homes of students where more extreme measures can be carried out.  One almost had enough and attempted escape before being brought back into the sadistic fray while his classmate was instructed to meet his maker in the most devious of ways...

We won't beat around the bush and try to lighten the mood of this sinister update.  This is one of those special releases even weekend femdom enthusiasts may blanch at and those with only the slightest interest in female domination may take a single glance at before running for the hills.

And you know what?  We don't blame either.  YAPOO's MARKET went all out with their PURE GOLD label, the special division of extreme BDSM Japanese AV featuring all the trademarks of being below women (both physically and well...metaphorically), but instead of the 'Japanese femdom by women for women' mantra which is the hallmark of their 'regular' series, the PURE GOLD label makes use of an actual AV staff.  This means camerawork, lighting, and more is top-notch.


Regular YAPOO'S MARKET titles may feel somewhat amateurish in spite of some of the grand set pieces (above is a publicity shot for a non-PURE GOLD title).  According to RYUUSUKE YAMADA, the owner of YAPOO'S MARKET aka YAPOO #0, titles are shot that way with hand-held cameras in order to make them feel more realistic.  In fact, during shoots for non-PURE GOLD titles, all staff visible on set is female with any male staff hiding and watching from adjacent rooms.  This makes the slaves of the day feel more comfortable about being 'themselves' and also is a bit less embarrassing for the sadistic women taking part.

Even a title like REQUIEM OF THE HEISEI GENERATION is not at the same level as normal releases by YAPOO's MARKET.  The use of shaky hand-held cameras does work in making things seem even more twisted and realistic and unfortunately, although we were offered to show those titles on ZENRA, we can only show so much due to strict western billing regulations.

On that note, we need to apologize about having to cut a significant portion of REQUIEM for today's update.  We know this may not settle well with all subscribers and again, we apologize about the inconvenience.  Our goal at ZENRA is to show the more unique side of Japanese AV and sometimes concessions need to be made.  For those interested in seeing the full version of YAPOO's MARKET movies we show here along with many, many more, we recommend you visit their official online store which now features downloads and also has an English-language ordering guide.

The final part of the HEISEI trilogy will be shown in a few months. Not only is it the most 'out there' (and we mean it literally!), we've only had to cut a tiny portion out compared to today's update. Again, we know that may upset some subscribers, but it's either cut some or not show these titles at all.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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