Japanese Herbivorous Man Receives Surprise Fellatio

Amateur Women Invited into Studio Van for Moral Support with Subtitles

Herbivorous Man Receives Surprise Fellatio
with English Subtitles

The bubble popped well over two decades ago sending Japan's thriving economy into free-fall along with a changing of the guard as one emperor ended his long 60-plus year reign by ascending to the heavens and another taking his place. Businesses across the nation were hit hard and even to this day, elements of the 'Lost Decade'--aka the nineties--still exist. New hires for full-time positions guaranteed for life are limited in numbers and men frequently abstain from romance and marriage due to the commitments that eat away at their free time.

Going on and on about the creation of Herbivorous Men in Japanese society is a book-worthy endeavor and perhaps more of note will be posted on My Dearest Desire sometime in the future. Today's production runs with this concept of men more interested in their own personal grooming over relationships and recruits 'real' amateur women to help bring them out of their isolated shells. A pleasant variety of Japanese women from art school students to busty restaurant employees saunter into the studio van and via suave dialog and some cloy props, the worries of at least one Herbivorous gentleman are put at ease.

It should be noted that there is a world of difference between a Japanese Herbivorous Man and a Hikikomori, his seemingly similar counterpart. The former is also known as a Rolled Cabbage man meaning he may appear to be a very cool and downright handsome individual, but lacks the acumen to associate with the opposite sex. Hikikomori's on the other hand are total shut-outs from society who usually spend entire days alone in their rooms and only leave for quick convenience store runs.

Herbivorous Man Receives Surprise Fellatio is not the first production on Zenra to feature men with low levels of confidence and not that long ago, a previous title in the same series was featured. With that title, the concept was clothed grinding and now the fetish that our resident Herbivorous Man admits to having is the mouth and lips.

Each scene--and there are a lot of them--start with an explanation of his long-standing obsession with the lips and tongues of women. When they start talking, he cannot help but to fantasize about that always-visible body part doing things that are not socially appropriate. This locks him up. He finds himself unable to continue talking with women and thus has been without a girlfriend for many years. To further add insult to injury, the first time he asked his girlfriend at the time to perform fellatio, she declined. Our poor Herbivorous Man also apparently has a case of erectile dysfunction.

This production is a very conversation-heavy piece with the host trying to euchre otherwise shy amateur women into advancing sexually with the timid Herbivorous Man as a bizarre example of sexual rehabilitation. First, to satisfy his obsession with the lips and tongues, hard candy attached to sticks are brought out. Women with dirty minds may associate its shape with something priapic and not for public consumption, but only a few understand that it's actually just a hard candy resembling a mushroom. All are requested to show him their tongue-work by licking the mushroom hard candy and the viewers at home get to see this interesting substitution of actual fellatio (which itself comes later so don't worry!) both in a profile and also POV view.

Some of the amateur women stop here, but others stick around as they earnestly want to help him out. This is when the off-camera host instructs the Herbivorous Man to drop his pants for some impromptu penis inspection with a thick CFNM theme. All women are invited to gently wrap a hand around his manhood and provide him comfort with calm dialog. "You're so big down here," along with "squirt your healthiness for me." are uttered by surprised, but increasingly turned on women. Some stop here and others continue with hand service. Some even continue licking the mushroom-shaped candy simultaneously. A few audacious ones follow the off-camera host's instructions and provide well-needed fellatio and sticky conclusions end most scenes.

Herbivorous Man Receives Surprise Fellatio is a great example of the journey, not the destination in Japanese AV. It's a production where the story is turgid with details and although it feels like a joke, people such as the Herbivorous Man featured really do exist. In fact, going by recent data, their number is rising and Japanese women of today need to change their mindsets to ensure their country remains fertile far into the future. Full and exclusive English subtitles are provided as without them, watching a 'talky' production like this would be the equivalent of a Hikikomori attempting nanpa.

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