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Towel clad Japanese penis bathers engage in a bizarre handjob themed ritual

Girls Who Wash Dicks

Living in Japan, one cannot ignore the constant clarion call of nature as the seasons shift from brutally uncomfortable winters (thanks in part due to Japanese construction companies having a strange aversion to using adequate amounts of insulation) to convivial spring where eating out of plastic bento boxes stuffed with a chockablock of goodies while drinking copious amounts of local brew under the falling purplish pink cherry blossoms is as much as national past-time as watching sumo is for older folks every other month. Honorable approbations also can be applied to the wet, wet summers where the temperature and humidity soar in an unforgiving austere concert that leaves the air conditioning blowing without surcease in a vain--essentially helpless battle to fight the constant sweat and moisture that permeates anything and everything. Last but not least, autumn with its beautiful picturesque forests full of multitudinous flora and fauna that showcase a kaleidoscopic amount of reds, browns, and lingering greens. What do all of these have in common and how does it relate to the ever-changing and burgeoning Japanese service industry? From high class hot springs to rural onsens, the ever-changing Japanese bucolic landscape is visible and what better way to relax than to take in the beauty of nature while also receiving marvelous and unique kinky services from a gamut of beautiful young and skilled sauna ladies.

Most Japanese hot springs feature an indoor and outdoor portion both separated by genders and each section contains a smorgasbord of bathing pools each boasting strange and not scientifically proven aids for ailments that may marginally effect the health of older, mature bathers (and in the countryside, this is almost the entire customer base!) in positive ways of course (Onsens are safe folks! Please visit them if you ever visit Japan). Returning to the main concept of hot spring services, it should be mentioned that female sauna ladies washing male bathers has been a lodestone rooted deep in Japanese tradition for hundreds of years but nowadays with a fierce amount of competition from the less picturesque parts of the country drawing away more and more of the younger dwindling residents of Japan's 'inaka' (boondocks), local hot springs have no choice but to improvise...greatly in order to balance their books. Today, one hot spring hundreds of kilometers from the pell-mell confusion that is modern day Aomori introduces a new service that is on a trial run and the first few male bathers are in for a real cleansing yet mildly naughty treat.

Filmed through the perspective of male bathers who saw the latest advertisement of this hot spring in their local classifieds (and seeing an advert for an onsen is incredibly rare in Japan – business usually comes or it doesn't) and had their curiosity flared after reading about the special assisted bathing packages that were surprisingly part of the basic plan, arrive one by one into this mildly bedizened hot spring with a suspiciously attractive front desk clerk (usually the front desk is manned older Japanese women a few years prior to their eventual job shift to cleaning grandma) who happily accepts payment and then directs them to the locker room.

After changing, we see this nondescript out-of-towner saunter into the main bathing area and get down to business. Not sure when and how involved this quite possibly preternatural assisted bathing service is, he gets down to business and begins washing up himself in the communal bathing area. However, only moments after he has begun lathering himself up with a long, white Japanese bathing towel that doubles as a body soap receptacle, a towel clad beatific female onsen staff member arrives carrying an assortment of soaps, lotions, and other body care items sensually saunters in while announcing her presence. This surprised bather cannot help but notice that when she bends over and cheerfully places this bathing arsenal next to him that underneath the towel is absolutely nothing – she's as naked as he was and this assisted bathing experience is about to become quite a bit more intense and hands on than he could ever imagine.

Asking him to stand at full mast (no pun intended), she inspects his package before pumping a liberal amount of body soap into her soft hands and begins her sensual cleaning and massaging of his hardening manhood. With a loving look that can only be achieved by those who truly adore their profession, she gazes wistfully at his hardon while using her skilled hands to caress every inch of it making sure she goes back to areas she has previously covered to ensure that his turgid member is totally covered in soapy body lotion.

As noted in the opening scroll, the penis cleaning service this hot spring offers is not a sexual service and on one hand this is reflected by the casual banter this mild coquette uses with as she works on her client's hard penises and testicles but occasionally as you will soon see, sometimes one stroke is too many and with a forced, abrupt apology a moment too late, this horny male bather unload buckets of hot semen all over the unexpected hands, arms, and even face of this skilled Japanese female penis washer to her unchecked surprise. Being that the customer is generally placed on a towering pedestal in the Japanese service industry, she apologizes saying that perhaps she was using too much 'pressure' when pumping away at his soapy cock and that may have resulted in a messy accident. It doesn't help though that her bath towel quite often experiences a strangely timed wardrobe malfunctions leaving her perky breasts temporarily exposed while giving a sensual, loving handjob!

Customer after customer in this Japanese kinky penis cleaning trial run has a hot spring experience like no other as these cute young female staff members use their skilled hands and an ample amount of body lotion and body soap to ensure that their hardons are squeaky clean before going into the relaxing hot spring pools. Some customers even have the luck (or bigger wallets) to have two smiling staff members handle their package at the same time which leads to quite a memorable and deeply relaxing experience as one girl masterfully massages the shaft and glans while the other uses her finger magic on his tightening nutsack and even sneaks a finger or two further south to massage his sensitive virgin anus. All of this stimulation, whether truly accidental or not leads to some very powerful orgasms that leave the staff members somewhat shocked that their perceived business-like touchings caused such a powerful salacious reaction.

Later on in an epilogue of sorts, the Japanese hot spring penis cleaning service is shown to become such a popular attraction that it has taken on a life of its own as we are shown hotel staff workers who bathe their temporary residents before bed along with a very hands on milf Japanese doctor who turns a standard physical into a very kinky and thorough CFNM experience that eventually has her instructing her patient on proper vagina insertion shockingly using her own body as an example. Of course, before the impromptu sex-ed lesson begins, she pulls out the body soap and lovingly cleans every inch of his hard member with an studious yet caring face while using a free hand to lovingly caress his chest, nipples, and that sensitive region of tight skin below the belly button and above the groin.

Strange and bizarre sexual-oriented cleaning and relaxation services are all the rage in Japan and with the rise of the herbivorous man, more and more female leadership (aka masochistic) CFNM themed health services will surely pop up in unsurprising places way off the beaten path and neon lights of the big cities. Perhaps with the opening of more and more clinics that cater to men's 'sensual' needs, more country dwellers who have fled to the execrable sardine-like concrete jungles to seek employment will finally have enough reason to return home and relax amidst the cool countryside breeze while wearing only a pair of sandals as an attractive Japanese penis washer pumps away at his hard lotioned up manhood with a smile and of course...a mischievous knowing twinkle in her eyes.

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