Dirty Talking Schoolgirl with Yuu Asakura

Subtitled Japanese School Fantasy with Raunchy CFNM Theme

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Dirty Talking Japanese Schoolgirl With Yuu Asakura
with English Subtitles

Yuu Asakura is a very cute Japanese female college student with a mission to end all missions: she wants to play with the cocks of every guy in her class no matter where and no matter when. As for why she has such an infatuation with the male genitalia is something that is unfortunately not addressed but the visual delight of seeing her give some very unique handjobs on some classmates ranging from happy and horny to shy and horny is sure to please anyone who has the chance to watch her skilled strokes.

Yuu, in one of her first handjobs attempts is shown from a POV (point of view) angle as she playfully toys with her first target's hard cock in an empty but brightly decorated classroom. As he is moaning in the midst of pleasure, her phone suddenly rings and while she is talking to the caller who happens to be her next target, she continues toying and stroking her classroom cock until it explodes steamy jizz on her and only misses her cell phone by the slightest of margins. A close call to say for sure!

We also see Yuu show off more of her body as she takes on her next target in the same classroom after the first one has light-leggedly exited. This time around, her target goes on the offensive and we see Yuu's cute exposed and lightly haired beaver on full display surrounded by her cute schoolgirl skirt. He does his best to finger her wet pussy and dryer asshole to the south but things don't go his way for long as Yuu goes back on the front and we eventually see her mounting her bottomless boytoy from behind as she gives a very unique reach-around with an appropriate level of decency.

The antics continue in the locker room for the group pool as Yuu Asakura shown in a one-piece red bloomer bathing suit plays with her classmates hardening cock through his small and cramped swimsuit. Eventually the pressure caused by his throbbing member is simply too strong to stay confined and she convinces him to remove his suit to feel more comfortable. Hesitantly he complies but as soon as the suits off and he is naked in this interesting CFNM take on a wacky handjob, he rushes to the lockers and faces away from her exposing his tiny, not-so-impressive ass. Yuu walks over, still clad in her bathing suit and begins to calm him by giving him a back rub that predictably progresses to a soothing handjob as she grasps his slightly-softened cock bringing it back to full mast. After taking him back to the bench in the middle of the locker room, she lulls him into having his way with her as she has her way with him as a bathing suit clad sixtynine ensues.

Nowhere is safe from the heavy hands of Yuu. She even convinces a classmate mopping the hallways to drop his pants for a very public oral blowjob that leads to quite a few close calls. Soon enough, the shy student convinces Yuu to move into a nearby empty classroom where they continue their sexy antics until unexpectedly, two other male students barge in. At first surprised, Yuu being the soldier that she is, beckons them over and has them drop their pants and the outdoor hallway one-on-one blowjob quickie has now morphed into something more advanced: a three-way power blowjob!

In no time two of the horny students blew their loads but the third one has somewhat of a retarded ejaculation issue and is unable to cumplete the task in the Yuu's open, smiling, and waiting mouth. She consoles him and invites him to her house later that night to continue their fun if he helps her on some homework she has been skipping out on. Complying and doing her work for her, the fun continues later that night with a predictable continuation of her classroom oral exam that seductively transitions to some full-out sex in the form of some weird positions definitely not found in any basic sex-ed textbook; with Yuu riding her classmates rocking cock on top with his legs spread in a strange perpendicular reverse spread eagle missionary position, she proudly shows off her advanced sexual prowess on her latest target.

Her next target though....well that's another story for another day.

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