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Penis Cleaning Service 3
with English Subtitles

In a world full of specialized services, the Japanese top all when it comes to their keen focus on bringing out the most wacky and bizarre niches of health care. We have seen doctors offices that focus on general sexual health in the form of nurses mounting their clients in front of even more nurses who are diligently taking notes and we have seen a clinic in Nagoya that focuses entirely on the anal health of both sexes. There are even spas that will do nothing but take your manhood through a smorgasbord of various exotic treatments to improve its all out health and vigor.

Today though, another unique nugget of the world of specialized Japanese care is on display: the at-home cock cleaning service. It's a known fact that over the course of an average day, your average cock and balls can go through quite a lot and by the time night rolls around, after sweating and being enclosed all day, you can have cooked up quite a stink down there. Cleaning up by yourself is a troublesome and time-consuming experience so what better than to have a cute Japanese girl in her twenties come to your house and with a bright, chirpy attitude, wash and polish every crevice of your exposed manhood?

In this special edition of the Japanese chinpo care service, we are shown a more rustic look on this service as a new branch just opened in the countryside. Rather than cramped Tokyo apartments and grimy and small bathrooms, we are given a treat to the eyes as we see these girls work their magic with the backdrop of ye olde Japan.

From the first scene onward, health, happiness, and a happy ending are all provided with gusto; we are treated to two towel-clad Japanese girls--a trainee and her teacher who happily instructs her on how to correctly clean a client's cock. With a smile that just won't quit, the teacher lovingly lathers his hardening manhood and alternates between using one hand and two in various stroking patterns to ensure proper soap penetration and while this is all going on, she instructs her trainee to carefully caress and stroke his exposed balls and taint as those areas are known to get quite dirty as well but at the same time don't require the same amount of prowess that's required for the shaft. Later on, we see the Japanese teacher remove her towel to expose her lovingly large and soft breasts so she can move on to the next step of cleaning involving rubbing her soft mound and the tip of her hard nipple on and around the by-now very hard cock. It's known that many customer's have 'accidents' at this stage and the look on the trainee's face tells it all but the teacher already accustomed to this smiles brightly as he empties his load on her exposed cushioned mammaries.

In another instance, we are treated to yet another girl with massively large breasts (that sweet, country air lacking in the crowded city sure works wonders!) who after putting her client's exposed cock to the limits of her standard cleaning ability, moves up a level to oral care—something that she is admittedly new at and while she is using her tongue to lick and sick on his hard cock, her towel sloppily falls to the ground showing off her totally naked figure in all it's big breasted glory which inadvertently causes her client to release his load into her mouth but being the trooper that she is, she takes it in thus having a snack during work-hours.

Another unique feature of the chinpo cleaning care in the countryside is the ability to take it outside without worrying about being 'caught'. We are greeted by a man lying naked on his porch on a hot, summer day when his very cute college-aged cleaning aide comes into focus. While happily washing his exposed in public hardening cock and balls, they engage in small talk about life in the city compared to the laid back country world and little does she know, her shirt begins to hang in front leaving her cute, small tits on display which causes our lucky client's cock to harden quickly leaving this cute college girl caressing and manipulating a hard cock smiling right at her face.

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Married Women Tekoki
with English Subtitles

Your average Japanese housewife leads a very dull life. From morning to night, it's cooking, cleaning, more cooking, watching TV, maybe hit the studio for some yoga, and back home again before her husband gets home from work (usually late due to those nightly drinking parties!). Thus, your average Japanese housewife has a boatload of free time with idle hands and an active yet non-stimulated imagination.

We have seen what happens when wives grow bored sick of their daily routine and do crazy things like become a stay at home nudist or gather with other nudist wives and have a bizarre (yet effective!) nudist aerobics class. This time around though, we are treated to more outgoing Japanese wives who don't mean being even a bit more adventurous even with other men around.

Married woman from all over the country have recently began offering their lingerie clad cougar bodies to young cherry boys (Japanese virgins) in exchange for them having some time to play all they want with their untouched manhood. Watch as milf Japanese housewives of all shapes and sizes yet uniformly clad in revealing clothing touch, caress, kiss, suck, and take in the virgin cocks of lucky volunteers while their husbands are away pounding in the non-paid required overtime.

The unique twinkle in each of the housewives eyes and the coy smile their mouth takes on as the cherry boys they toy with are on the verge of ecstasy and about to blow their sticky loads is truly priceless and is most likely something their neglectful husbands have not seen in many a year.

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