Anytime Japanese Massage Subtitled

Bold CFNM Erections Transform Mundane Situations into Lewd Adventures

Anytime Massage
with English Subtitles

These days more and more Japanese woman are leaving the world of work for a few years after college at a dead-end office lady job, marry, a coworkers, have kids, and become a housewife for the rest of your days lifestyle and are choosing to make a career--families be damned! In particular, service industries such as massage therapy and education have become a treasure trove of cute Japanese girls trying hard to truly make a difference for their long mistreated and under-appreciated gender in the workforce.

However, there exists within all of us a little sliver of natural instinct that does from time to time push itself all the way outward when certain it's triggered by certain events such as...well an exposed cock of a smooth-talking client.

We are treated to the visual delight of a cute Japanese masseuse working on a naked-except-for-small-strategically-placed-towel client and with the client in such a position and with such exposure and stimulation to the cute masseuse and her skilled hands, things start to grow a little sultry as the temperature in the room rises in correlation with the rising cock of her client. As she works on his legs, his towel-covered member begins peeking out of the bunched-up cotton mass hiding it and peaks at the masseuse who does her best to try to ignore it going so far as to re-set the towel every few minutes. This goes on to no avail because as soon as she adjusts the client's towel, his hardon peeks out again.

Our client now becomes a bit more outgoing and tells the masseuse not to worry as it's only a natural reaction while completely removing the towel and throwing it on the floor! He then requests that she work his exposed groin region more and she agrees with a slight bit of hesitation. As she works around his by now swollen member, she can't help building up a sheen of sweat while having a hard cock throbbing only centimeters away from her busy hands. One accidental graze of his shaft is enough to begin the process of going from a standard oil massage to something a bit more sexual as she strokes his happy cock with an unexpected amount of gusto before taking it in her delicious mouth. When one thing turns to another, it isn't long before a simple full body massage has turned into an all-out sex-fest right on the massage bed.

Another instance of cocks getting in the way of things involves a new golf instructor giving a trial lesson to her teacher. Not accepting her latest effort and finding it riddled with flaws, our male teacher decides that she needs another re-fresh and as he gets in close to teach her the proper positioning for a powerful drive, his hard cock peeks out of his curiously unzipped khakis. He continues his lesson and begins nonchalantly grinding his open erection against her skirt-covered buttocks right in the middle of an active public range and rather than acting surprised at his ludicrous intrusion to her private space, our cute trainee instructor allows him to continue his grinding. She ruminates on the fact that perhaps letting him have a little fun with her would give her an advantage in getting on the highway to a fast promotion so she gently wraps her fingers around his cock and leads him to a semi-secluded alcove where she gives a sweet, succulent blowjob.

Although Anytime Massage refers to massages, the definition is stretched quite liberally and even a handjob falls under its umbrella. Another example of 'massages' happening is at an outdoor cafe when a rugged male customer 'accidentally' spills his drink over his crotch and calls the cute waitress over to help him clean him up. Similar to the golf instructor from above, his fly also was left open and while she is patting his crotch down with napkins, his hardon also manages to poke out and right out in the open, he moves her hands to grasp his manhood for an afternoon quickie that turns into a public fellatio experience neither will forget!

One of the more thoughtful examples of a massage going well beyond the norm is the massage therapist working in the Japanese countryside who caters her art to older folk. As we can see, she has a very hands on technique requiring the client to remain totally naked and exposed to her heavenly touches in a fantastic example of true Japanese CFNM.

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