Would You Wash a Penis?

Subtitled Japanese CFNM Penis Washing with Amateurs

Would You Wash a Penis?
with English Subtitles

Real life Japanese girls from the suburbs of Shizuoka are given their time to shine in the limelight as they are successfully hogtied off the streets and put into studios on wheels for a unique take on CFNM, handjobs, and soapy baths.

More specifically, we see Japanese girl after Japanese girl—some alone and others in groups and all in their early 20's enter a small studio draped in light pink curtains and are given one very simple task: wash cocks.

It's a given fact that the male groin can become relatively smelly and dirty throughout the day and what better than to have one or two (or more!) cute naïve Japanese girls carefully wash every bit of exposed skin down there with their warm, soapy, and soft bare hands? Each girl is brought into the studio and has the rundown explained to her by an older milf female Announcer. Soon enough, a naked male volunteer enters and sits on a stool that is in front of a bucket of warm, soapy, spring water. The girls take turns lathering up their hands before slowly and sensually washing his erect cock, balls, and some even go as far as to wash his taint as use a finger around the circumference of his anus too.

The Announcer guides the girls along if they are slacking. Sometimes, she will tell them to pump slower and when the volunteer looks like he is about to orgasm, she may instruct them to increase the pace and don't stop till it's all over. The best advice though and the thing that she repeats the most is to maintain eye contact. If you think about it, nothing is hotter than a cute Japanese girl looking you right in the eyes and smiling as she slowly strokes your hard manhood to the tune of soapy squishes. It doesn't take long for each volunteer to explosively jizz leaving cum all over the surprised, innocent Japanese girl whose hands are still wrapped around his happy cock.

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