The absolute hardest femdom on the planet. We mean this with every (as of yet) unbroken bone in our bodies. All of the titles by YAPOO'S MARKET star large (sometimes nearly 20!) groups of dominant women destroying men who volunteer to be their slaves. Teasing is both highly verbal and physical and only rarely do productions end up with the men receiving sexual awards.

More Pure Gold Facesitting SubtitledExclusive (December 19 2016)

Facesitting through the ages including a focus on highly unorthodox couples sex slave play by the weird minds at YAPOO's MARKET.

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Pure Gold Facesitting SubtitledExclusive (September 07 2016)

Experience some of the more sexual highlights of the PURE GOLD label of YAPOO'S MARKET featuring bizarre slave service by asexual men.

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The Capriccio of the Heisei Generation SubtitledExclusive (June 25 2016)

The conclusion to the Heisei Generation trilogy with the discovery of a runaway principal and his return to the hell of extreme submission by YAPOO's MARKE...

  • japanese schoolgirl bullies classmate
  • facesitting by bottomless japanese teen with long hair
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Requiem of the Heisei Generation SubtitledExclusive (March 26 2016)

Japanese schoolgirls straight from hell return to inflict more unchained terror on their male classmates with the approval of strict teachers by YAPOO's MA...

  • Facesitting by Japanese schoolgirl
  • Japanese teen in uniform teasing plan
  • Japanese schoolgirls hazing at home
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  • Male classmate seeks hope
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Serenade of the Heisei Generation SubtitledExclusive (January 02 2016)

Ballbusting extreme Japanese femdom by YAPOO'S MARKET featuring female teachers and students commandeering pathetic male classmates in the cruelest of ways...

  • Facesitting in Japanese classroom
  • Japanese teachers facesitting with kicking
  • Japanese femdom high heels licking
  • Male classmate held for extreme play
  • Torch in a can held by Japanese schoolgirl
  • Japanese schoolgirl pees into her shoe
Old and Abandoned Man Needs a Home SubtitledExclusive (November 07 2015)

The softest title by YAPOO'S MARKET serves as their introduction on ZENRA starring a perverted old man in drag who crosses paths with SHU-MEI aka Yui Komin...

  • Smoking Japanese woman with man on leash
  • Mouth wide open for extreme femdom surprise
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