V&R PLANNING—short for ‘visual and retail’ for reasons best left unanswered—is one of Japan’s oldest AV production companies and they finally, FINALLY now have an outlet for their huge body of work with English subtitles. ZENRA will begin showing titles mainly from their V&R PRODUCE (formerly V&R PRODUCTS) sub-label in March of 2017. This former major 3-letter conglomerate-owned label has produced and still produces exactly the type of movies we receive tons of request emails for: sex education shows, medicinal sexual treatments at hospitals and schools, bizarre seminars, and even massively long (4 hours each!) lesbian dramas. All titles are encoded straight from the production-run HDV master tapes so even DVD-only releases will be shown in crystalline Full HD!

Erectile Dysfunction Clinic SubtitledHDExclusive (May 26 2017)

Japan known for its multitude of medical clinics of course has one just for treating erectile dysfunction and of course it has a beautiful staff by V&R.

  • erectile dysfunction clinic
  • post ejaculation cleanup zoomed in
  • treatment for hypersexuality induced ed
  • doctor nanako mori with erectile dysfunction patient
  • medicine overdose leads to erectile dysfunction
  • an erection that wont quit
Half Naked Caregivers SubtitledHDExclusive (April 28 2017)

V&R returns with a title best described as zany and otherworldy featuring a group of chirpy caregivers wearing uniforms that only cover half of their bodie...

  • facesitting and blowjob for elderly patient
  • caregiver uta kohaku cowgirl sex exposed tiny nipples
  • cumshot to face kohaku uta
  • uta kohaku cum on face job well done
  • ami maejima blowjob
  • ami maejima caregiver sex with client
The Anal Analyst Certification and Training Program SubtitledHDExclusive (March 17 2017)

Becoming an Anal Analyst is the gold standard of anal relation exploration and the steps towards this certification are detailed in this lecture title by V...

  • pc muscle training japanese demonstration
  • saya takazawa urinates in bathroom
  • takazawa saya fingers her own anus
  • spread eagle cfnf vibrator inside japanese av star anus
  • saya takazawa inserts eggplant into anus
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