If you asked any dedicated Japanese AV connoisseur to list the top five production companies that focus on producing bizarre movies and essentially nothing else, RADIX, POOL CLUB, or both, will be on that list. Together producing a staggering 10-12 titles A MONTH, when it comes to truly alternative and maniac Japanese adult video, these two studios owned by the same parent company (hence showcasing them together here on ZENRA) hold prime positions in the fiercely competitive bizarre adult video market.

The Anuses of Japanese AV Stars Part One SubtitledExclusive (August 05 2016)

The first part of a MASSIVE 6 hour release by RADIX taking the embarrassed naked female theme to its limits with ample focus on their anuses.

  • the anuses of japanese av stars
  • momo otsuka stands naked and embarrassed
  • shizuka maeshiro takes off dress
  • inoue yukari embarrassed and naked
  • petite yuria hidaka interviewed
  • embarrassed naked japanese av star covers privates
Erotic Care for Bandaged Women SubtitledExclusive (June 18 2016)

Young Japanese women covered all over in medical gauze are given attentive care by lecherous men resulting in extreme levels of defilement by POOL CLUB.

  • erotic care for bandaged women
  • shaved japanese woman in full body cast fingered
  • panties of japanese schoolgirl zoomed in
  • supine japanese teen covered in bandages
  • naked and bandaged japanese woman prepared for bath
  • bandaged japanese schoolgirl enjokousai
Let's Tease Plump Masochist Riana Kiyose SubtitledExclusive (April 23 2016)

Bona fied Japanese BBW masochistic Riana Kiyose allows the most darndest things to be done to her expansive body with extreme focus on anal play by RADIX.

  • Lets Tease Plump Masochist Riana Kiyose
  • BBW Japanese woman extreme vibrator play
  • Candle play with fat Japanese woman
  • Rimjob by plump Japanese woman
  • Nude rubenesque BBW play in Japan
  • Fat Japanese woman masturbates plus nose hooks
You Will Be a Woman From Here On Out SubtitledExclusive (February 20 2016)

Confused Japanese men are convinced by dominant women to cross-dress leading to confused erections that need desperate attention by RADIX.

  • You Will Be a Woman From Here On Out
  • Japanese cross-dresser shyly raises skirt
  • Blowjob with kissing Japanese threesome
  • Small chested Japanese milf nipples licked by man in drag
  • Japanese man in drag with erection
  • Gangly Japanese man surprise drag party
Newhalf Hot Springs with Erena SubtitledExclusive (December 26 2015)

Tan Japanese newhalf Erena takes time off from her handjob parlor job to visit a real mixed bathing hot springs full of anxious fans by RADIX.

  • Japanese newhalf hot springs
  • Tan newhalf shows erection
  • Panties bulge on Japanese newhalf
  • Kneeling newhalf has a blowjob
  • Masturbation during newhalf anal sex
  • Japanese newhalf receives anal sex zoomed in
Kaoru Oshima - I am a Cross-Dresser SubtitledExclusive (November 14 2015)

Kaoru Oshima does not beat around the bush about his gender and is proud to be the frontrunner of a new wave of cross-dressing Japanese AV launched by RADI...

  • Kaoru Oshima I am a Cross Dresser
  • Masturbation during anal sex with Japanese cross-dresser
  • Blindfolded Kaoru Oshima has nipples licked
  • Kaoru Oshima kisses bottomless man
  • Aroused cross-dressing foreplay in sheer lingerie
  • Beautiful cross-dresser foreplay on balcony
Uta Kohaku Wants Your Semen SubtitledExclusive (October 10 2015)

Uta Kohaku proves her love of gokkun and semen is authentic by appearing in a title featuring hundreds of bottles of it mailed in by actual fans by RADIX.

  • Uta Kohaku wants your semen
  • Uta Kohaku prepares for gokkun
  • Bottle of cum emptied into mouth of Kohaku Uta
  • Kohaku Uta reads cum bottle name
  • Semen emptied into Uta Kohau while masturbating
  • Uta Kohaku holds bottle of jizz
Gas Mask Schoolgirls SubtitledExclusive (August 29 2015)

Japanese schoolgirls for reasons left best unexplained shroud their faces with bulky gas masks while battling lewd teachers and curious students by POOL CL...

  • Gas Mask Schoolgirls
  • Schoolgirl takes off gas mask
  • Bent over gas mask fingering in Japan
  • Schoolgirl in gas mask covered by cum
  • Schoolgirl gas mask sex from behind in class
  • Teacher feels up gas mask schoolgirl
You Are My Four Legged Friend with Saki Hatsumi SubtitledExclusive (July 11 2015)

Japanese AV star with a burgeoning idol career Saki Hatsumi takes part in a very strange date with an extremely submissive man on a leash with English subt...

  • Outdoor interview with Saki Hatsumi
  • Big erection meets surprised AV star
  • Spread anus of Japanese woman
  • Saki Hatsumi shows off armpit
  • Saki Hatsumi naked in bathtub
  • Surprised erection meets Japanese AV star
Pubic Hair Showcase Part Two SubtitledExclusive (June 06 2015)

The second half of a gargantuan 4 hour pubic hair showcase production featuring amateur women from every Japanese prefecture with English subtitles.

  • Thin and tall naked Japanese woman
  • Shaved mildly BBW Japanese woman
  • Thick Japanese bush zoomed in
  • Embarrassed voluptuous woman from Okinawa
  • Naked Japanese woman legs in air close up
  • Wavy hair Japanese woman ENF
Pubic Hair Showcase Part One SubtitledExclusive (May 30 2015)

The first half of a massive four hour pubic hair showcase production featuring women from every Japanese prefecture with subtitles.

  • Shy Japanese amateur asked to strip
  • Bushy black pubic hair on Japanese woman
  • Spread eagle Japanese closeup
  • Spread legs with hands covering vagina
  • Cute Japanese woman complimented upon looks
  • Embarrassed spread eagle amateur woman