Unfaithful Wives

Housewives in Japan have tons of free time, are usually younger than their always-working husbands, and can be rather horny yet unfulfilled. A small percentage have turned this into a clandestine AV career.

The Voluntary Violation of Young Wife Sayaka Takaoka Subtitled (January 10 2018)

Sayaka Takaoka is married and quite unhappy about being poor so why not—she does JAV! Via GUTS.

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Saki Hatsumi - Stagnant Desires of a Neglected Wife SubtitledHDExclusive (December 29 2017)

JAV star Saki Hatsumi plays a sexually neglected wife and finds herself in the middle of a confusing love triangle via ORGA.

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Ayumi Shinoda - Debt Payback Wife Slave Auction SubtitledHDExclusive (November 17 2017)

Ayumi Shinoda finds herself being trained to be a perfect sex slave by the Yakuza in order to pay back the debt her CEO husband accrued via a bad deal by O...

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Maki Tomoda - Immoral Flight From the Shaken City Subtitled (September 27 2017)

Legendary JAV star Maki Tomoda in one of her earlier releases by GUTS where she plays a sexually frustrated wife looking for physical companionship.

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Aya Kisaki - Wife Without Boundaries SubtitledUncensoredHD (September 20 2017)

Aya Kisaki finds new and rather perverted ways to alleviate the household budget in a wacky title that goes hardcore partway through by DREAMROOM.

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Drenched Passion of an Older Woman with Yuuko Kasahara Subtitled (August 02 2017)

Yuuko Kasahara the supposed 40 year-old star of this GUTS title is on the outs with her husband and decides doing AV is the best way to get even.

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The Portrait of a Masochist Starring Ai Uehara SubtitledHDExclusive (July 31 2017)

Ai Uehara plays a young wife married to a husband too timid for passionate sex in another magnum opus caliber release by Japanese AV masters of drama ORGA.

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Kurea Hasumi Debt Payback Wife Slave Auction SubtitledHDExclusive (June 26 2017)

A good deal goes bad and a price must be paid as Japanese housewife Kurea Hasumi learns the hard way in our first update from the ORGA BLACK label.

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The Trials of Freshly Married Kaede Sakai Subtitled (June 14 2017)

GUTS went out of their way to make something truly out there with this unfaithful wife title that mixes and matches realism and drama leading to mass confu...

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A Showa Tale of an Amorous Caregiver starring Ayumi Shinoda SubtitledHDExclusive (May 15 2017)

ORGA presents a post-war tale of abnormal rehabilitation and infidelity featuring a crestfallen yet duty-bound wife played by Ayumi Shinoda.

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Nanpa of Young Mothers Leads to Surprise Threesomes SubtitledHDExclusive (May 08 2017)

Japanese nanpa masters HOT ENTERTAINMENT go after groups of young mothers in this pickup artist title featuring threesomes with some lesbian elements.

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Matronly Women Erection Inducing Penalty Game Show SubtitledHDExclusive (April 17 2017)

HOT ENTERTAINMENT may be known as the nanpa kings of Japanese AV but they are far from a one-trick pony as shown by this very unique game show title.

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Nakadashi Into Married Kei Iwasaki Subtitled (March 01 2017)

Married in real life Kei Iwasaki decides to do one final AV title before retiring and fortunately GUTS got the honor and made her beyond unfaithful.

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The Travelogue of Tae SubtitledExclusive (December 12 2016)

Call it a midlife crisis but Tae at 38 has yet to marry and is in a relationship two steps from toxic and finds solace through a hot springs vacation by GO...

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Married Sayaka Takes on the World Subtitled (November 16 2016)

Classically pale Sayaka nears thirty and with a marriage on thin ice decides to take a dip into the very welcoming world of Japanese AV by GUTS.

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