Indecent String Bikini Bathhouse Challenge

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Indecent String Bikini in Bathhouse
With English Subtitles

Onsens--Japanese hot springs using natural spring water--of yore generally consisted of one large bathing area shared by both genders. Communal onsens where men and women bathe and relax in a total platonic environment were once a central part of village life but are slowly fading away. Although still very common--especially for those lucky enough to live in Japan's bucolic countryside--onsens now have separate areas for each gender. However, mixed bathing still exists generally in two forms: the aforementioned small bathhouses in some very remote parts of the country consisting of almost entirely geriatric customers and resort towns where swimsuits are required.

Today, focus is placed on the latter. Enter Isawa Onsen featuring a cozy mixed bathing onsen where some level of decency is required...or is it?

For those out of the loop, a long-running series on Zenra has been centered upon Japanese AV amateurs entering male bathhouses with tiny towels or sometimes with nothing at all. There even was an episode that took place in a swimsuit-required mixed bathing onsen where the contestants where naked. Either way, the challenge itself was to enter said onsen for ten minutes and perform a mission: sometimes it was relatively simple such as talk to a bather and sometimes it required ample gusto in the form of actually bathing one!

In today's installment of 'Onsens Gone Wrong', the challenge is actually quite easy: wear a bathing suit in a mixed bathing onsen for ten minutes--in the outdoor bathing pool actually. No biggie. However, today's production, Indecent String Bikini in a Bathhouse, does things a wee bit differently than previous entries in the form of a truly nefarious bait and switch and a fuzzy understanding of the word 'swimsuit' that would even make a certain nineties ex-politician blush.

When one hears the word swimsuit, they most likely imagine a simple one-piece or bikini mayhaps that dutifully covers one's intimate areas. The producers of today's public nudity production thought otherwise: five Japanese amateur women are each presented with an increasingly audacious raiment that can barely be referred to as a 'swimsuit' let alone 'clothing'.

The challenges begin with a sheer one-piece that turns nearly invisible when wet exposing embarrassed perky and erect nipples and not-so-freshly-shaven bush leaving one sable-haired Japanese amateur in a world of heavy ENF embarrassment. Things go from bad to worse as bikini styles quickly do away with any sense of decency--both dry and wet--with the featuring of a chest-less bikini in rounds two and five. With these devious designs of minuscule strings, nipples and pubic hair--for the final challenger at least--are on full display leading to quite the shock amongst conservative bathers.

A recurring trend during Indecent String Bikini in a Bathhouse is large breasts. The final three amateur contestants all feature larger mammaries than usual and the coy act of squeezing them together in order to not expose one's nipples entertains male customers like nothing else. In fact, one of the contestants breasts are so large and swimsuit so small that nipple slips come and go throughout her entire embarrassing adventure.

As mentioned above, a bait and switch is a new theme in today's Japanese public nudity production. You see, after the ten minutes are up giving each contestant free reign to sally back into the mixed gender changing room (which is oddly out of place and will be discussed shortly), a wretched discovery is made: each contestant's clothes have been snatched while they were out attempting to clear their challenge! In place of their belongings, a simple hand-written note was placed instructing them to make their way to the reception.

Indecent String Bikini in a Bathhouse is more than just seeing shy Japanese amateurs venturing into an onsen wearing nearly nothing, but the truly embarrassing outdoor scavenger hunt to modesty. Each Japanese amateur makes the timid trek through gardens of freshly manicured flora occasionally criss-crossing with actual customers who scold them for being lewd exhibitionists before finally locating the lobby where they hope to receive their room key.

Of course, things don't go that smoothly. While waiting for the elderly proprietor to retrieve said key, hordes of (mostly, but not limited) male customers in yukatas crowd around these nearly naked Japanese amateurs in microscopic string bikinis asking why they are outside in such an improper state. Each conversation ends with one of the background male clients sallying front and center and emptying his load onto the surprised amateur. It's actually quite humorous to see the reactions--or the lack of it--from the surrounding customers. Rather than shock and disgust, we are greeted with (subtitled) dialog in the form of, "He's leaking something on to you!", "Wait, what's he doing with that?", etc.

Bountiful surprise ejaculations occur during the second half of each scene from the reception to the outdoor trek to find their buried key--yes, their keys are always buried in a hidden location which requires skilled use of a tiny shovel while being surrounding by masturbating fans. Thus, Indecent String Bikini in a Bathhouse takes elements from its embarrassment-themed predecessors and lasciviously mixes it with ample amounts of fresh semen that remains splattered all over these Japanese ENF amateur contestants that wander with fierce determination both during the day and early evening in search of their treasured modesty.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a random customer in this Japanese hotel having a nice nocturnal stroll and accidentally bumping into a fretting large-breasted Japanese amateur in a 'swimsuit' that consists of nothing but a few pieces of string on a noctivagous quest for her room key. And oh yea, she has droplets of semen all over herself and doesn't even seem to notice. There's embarrassing onsen adventures into the taboo and then there's extreme public shaming...and then there's this.

Like all other new releases on Zenra, Indecent String Bikini in a Bathhouse is presented with full and exclusive English subtitles which truly go the distance in making a production such as this that relies on games and emotions fully understandable for all viewers. This is much more than just an ENF frantic and oftentimes frustrated Japanese amateur running around in an all-too-small bikini. Also, be sure to stick around for the surprise interviews at the end of each scene as the febrile fun doesn't conclude the moment the room key is located. Sticky and explosive surprises of a fusillade nature await at the sliding door of salvation.

Although Indecent String Bikini in a Bathhouse is categorized as public nudity, it may be somewhat apocryphal; there are a few things about it that don't totally add up. If you rather not have your ideals spoilt, stop here, otherwise...

1. Only one changing room and quirky customer interactions. One of the first eyebrow-raising moments is that there seems to be only one changing room for both genders. On top of that, even when one of the Japanese amateur contestants strips out of her day clothes and into the 'swimsuit', nobody bats an eye. Mixed bathing bathhouses with swimsuit requirements are one thing, but outside of the boondocks you won't find a changing room that serves for both sexes. What's more, the customers only take notice of the contestant after the bathing suit is put on. The time she's spent changing--which includes a stark naked portion--is ignored, but the moment the indecent swimsuit is put on, vocal comments on modesty are launched.

Real customers would most likely keep to themselves--with the exception of gregarious geriatrics who were not present during today's production. Thus, there is a strong chance that all 'customers' shown here were on payroll and knew what was going on from the get-go.

2. The reactions during surprise ejaculations were quite funny, but did not feel 'real'. Surrounding customers--even a portly middle-aged Japanese woman--did not react as strongly as bonafied people would when one explosively orgasms in public onto someone else.

3. The contestants were shy and timid, but not shy and timid enough. Running around outdoors in a bikini that exposes everything is quite a thrill for anyone, but true-blue Japanese amateurs would have reacted more disastrously than the five contestants did. All five made it through their missions clear of tears and screaming. Real Japanese amateurs would have ended up in contorted balls of caterwauling panic on the realization that their belongings were missing.

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