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Indecently Uniformed Supermarket Employees
Part One with English Subtitles

The scene opens in a nondescript comely reception room. Sitting stiff as a board and emanating an air of nervousness is a pert, young Japanese woman with jet black hair--a rarity in the post-bubble era where shades of brown, tawny hair reigns supreme. Judging by her modest demeanor, it would be easy to pass her off as an attractive young woman from the countryside many hundreds of kilometers away from the nonstop kaleidoscopic fun that is big city life.

However, she has desires of her own and a secret, prurient side that will finally see the light of day during this incredibly risque public nudity-themed production.

The interview begins like any other. A handwritten Japanese resume with a photo booth-printed picture ID (not to mixed up with purikura photos that are visual bombardments of never-ending cloy) is handed to the off-camera interviewer who gives it a quick perusal. Following this, asks her to clarify mundane information about her daily life such as age, schooling, and most important for this production, work status.

Currently, our interviewee works at a type of increasingly rare local Japanese supermarket that is slightly larger and better stocked than a convenience store but considerably smaller than a proper supermarket. A corner market may be the best way to describe her workplace; with just a single register and only a limited number of aisles consisting mostly of non-perishables, it's no threat to an actual full-sized supermarket yet as the Japanese countryside continues to modernize, it's useful lifespan steadily decreases.

Once basic life facts are clarified and discussed, the interviewer segues into the most salient aspect and surely the one that can decide the future course of additional employment for our demure interviewee: the pay. The job he has to offer has an hourly pay many, many times more than her tawdry supermarket gig. 100,000 yen ($1000 USD) an hour vs. a paltry 800 yen ($8 USD). To further sweeten the deal, this job can be done simultaneously at her supermarket one; it's the best of both worlds!

However, there is a catch.

After wage information is discussed, the interviewer clarifies with his charge about whether she knows what kind of company they are and what their job entails. To this she hesitantly nods but gives no other sign of acknowledgment. Thus, the interviewer expands quite a bit more on what she should be up for doing during her trial hour:

"We'd like you to engage in some indecent and naughty behavior at your supermarket while on shift as we film you."

Her reaction suavely mixes surprise with a morsel of humor. What exactly are they expecting her to do? Nevertheless, with her money situation in dire straits, she agrees to take part in this bizarre, ribald public nudity experiment.

The following scene shows her now clad in a traditional bubbly Japanese supermarket uniform consisting of a cambric forest green bonnet along with a knee-length apron covering a long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans falling into a comfy pair of sneakers (you aren't going to wear dress shoes if you're on your feet all day). She vivaciously does her routine register work: scanning items, announcing prices, collecting money, returning money, and bagging goods. Soon enough, her routine will become anything but ordinary.

The interviewer joins her once again and quickly sneaks behind the register and plops himself down. She actually admits she is somewhat surprised that he actually came and thought this whole event was just a strange joke.

Strange it is, a joke it isn't. It's on.

The interviewer--or the host as he'll now be called as the time for twenty questions has long concluded, pulls out a tiny purple vibrator from his off-screen bag of sexual goodies and hands it to her. 'What is this?', she queries as if she's never used nor even seen one before.

After explaining it's obvious use, the host instructs her to strip off her pants and stick inside her most tender region. Shocked at first--being at work with customers milling about--she eventually complies realizing that if she doesn't, she wouldn't have enough money to make rent this month. Demurely, her tight jeans slide down along with her soft, white panties giving us a quick salacious preview of what's to come but hasty it is. The vibrator--the remote control vibrator that is--has speedily found its way to its ambrosial, moist destination and soon enough, is nestled in place ready for action.

Due to the strange and slightly suspicious use of ceiling cameras, we see the host migrate to an area in front of the register and patiently wait for a customer to walk up. His wait, fortunately, is brief and as our vibrator-plugged beatific workmate rings the customer up, he presses down on the remote activating the vibrator which makes a very audible buzzing noise. Instantly, she flinches as waves of pleasure pulse through her and her customer surprisingly doesn't say a thing!

Whether he noticed or not is up for debate but the next customer, an older woman surely did. With the buzzing continuing nonstop and her orgasmic flinching and rushed voice becoming more and more obvious, her customer asks if everything is alright. A hasty affirmative is given as she is quickly rung up.

The kinky public games that start with an innocent remote control vibrator steadily progress to the uncharted realm of public nudity. With vibrator play out of the way, the host instructs her to strip out of her panties and jeans leaving her totally bottomless hidden only by the waist-high register counter.

Although her sanctuary is stationary, she isn't and the host ups the public nudity ante even more by sending her on missions such as arranging aisles, fetching drinks, and more. Each dare and each shopping floor challenge leaves her with less clothing to wear. Although she starts simply bottomless, she increasingly loses more and more modesty as the host uses a pair of scissors to cut away at her apron turning her knee-high forest green wall of anti-shame into an indecently short mini-skirt that leaves her butt crack and pubic hair exposed.

The kinky public exposure doesn't stop with bottomless teasing but extends to the chest area as well as one of the supermarket employees taking part in this raunchy public nudity event (the first interviee apparently has a lot of attractive friends whom all work together) sports extra large breasts that make their public appearance via the loss of a dress shirt and circular holes cut into her apron.

Each of the four Japanese supermarket employees taking part in this daring public nudity challenge are all given a nearly identical final challenge: to go out on the shopping floor in their essentially stark naked state and solicit a customer for sex. One employee is bizarrely handed a male masturbation sex toy and is instructed to 'sell' it to a customer while offering a hands-on demonstration. This scene actually starts out with a mildly spooky vibe but ends with a sticky and satisfying conclusion:

Now let this sink in for a are on your way home from a long day at work. You stop by the neighborhood supermarket looking to pick up some yakisoba and green tea--maybe even a pack of cigarettes even though you're trying to quit the habit ever since the prices have risen. You find yourself in front of boxes of yakisoba looking for your favorite brand and right when you found it--right when your hand is reaching for it, you hear what sounds like light coughing.

Turning around, your heart skips a beat. It literally skips a beat! You're half frightened, half-aroused, and somehow half-bewildered. You've broken the laws of good physics and great grammar but you're not as panicked as the doe-eyed nearly naked bottomless Japanese supermarket employee in front of you. Her apron has been raggedly cut revealing sable pubic hair and you can see large breasts hanging out of her equally cut away dress shirt. In her hands she's clutching a skin-colored...contraption.

Taking another step closer to you, she asks if you're interested in trying it out and possibly buying it for the affordable price of 3,000 yen ($30 USD). You're even more bewildered than you were a moment ago but can't take your eyes of this attractive, yet incredibly nervous wreck of a naked supermarket employee. She takes another step closer to you and now her exposed in public naked body is pressed firmly against yours as her soft hand cups your turgid manhood and she asks again if you're interested.

You don't know what happened but fifteen minutes later, you find yourself on the floor just as naked as she in an actual supermarket with a discarded, lubricated sex toy to your side as your penis is firmly planted in her exposed love canal as she rides you like a caterwauling banshee.

Clocking at four hours, Indecently Uniformed Supermarket Employees is quite an interesting and lengthy Japanese public nudity production. Rather than taking place outdoors, it veers away from the norm and takes place entirely within the confines of a small Japanese supermarket. Each employee taking part in this was quite the visual treat and their reactions seemed genuine(*). Also, via the inclusion of exclusive English subtitles, actually hearing their concerns during both the interview portion and the actual event makes this production quite fun to experience. There's a very potent reason why these women agreed to take part in a weird public sex challenge that puts their jobs on the line and their reactions are top-notch.

* The question of how real this production is up for debate and for those who wish to accept it as a bonafied reality, please do so and stop reading now.

For those who wish to digest an evaluation that may say otherwise, read on:

There are at least ten slightly suspicious things occurring during this unique Japanese public nudity production that begs the question of its authenticity. However, please take note that at the very least, the supermarket used was an actual, real supermarket. It's too well-stocked and organized to be a set-piece.

Now, for the conjectures (in no particular order):

1. Although many customers are shown, very few make it to the register. In many of the scenes, we are shown a store that has a pretty decent number of shoppers in it. Four, five, and sometimes more, but over each of the four hour-long scenes, very few shoppers actually check out. Some simply exit without buying anything! If this was an electronics store, window shopping would be more of a normal occurrence, but at a neighborhood supermarket, most people know what they want and intend to buy it right here and now. Also, this is Japan. Outside of the slightly disturbing trend of shoplifting senior citizens, average folk generally buy their necessities.

2. Signage. Out of the ten conjectures, this one requires some knowledge of Japanese companies—or at least their logos. There is one company in particular that has no business being in a supermarket--even a small one--yet it's logo is shown throughout the store. If you can catch this one, congratulations. It's very difficult to spot but you'll know it when you see it.

3. During some of the scenes that take place at the checkout, the register remains open. Think about that for a second--especially for those who have worked retail. The first thing you learn on the job is to always--ALWAYS--keep your register closed. The open registers makes one consider if these women are actual supermarket employees and/or if the register actually has money in it.

4. Most customers ignore the obvious public nudity. As the challenges progress from lightly kinky to downright bonafied indecent public exposure, most customers seem to ignore what's happening. Even though there is an indecently aproned, bottomless supermarket employee in front of them standing on her tippy-toes stocking shelves, they don't bat an eye.

5. Each of the four hour-long scenes concludes with coitus between employee and lucky customer. Sometimes this takes place in the middle of an aisle or by the beverages. One scene in particular features it going down right at the register! Nevertheless, although moments earlier the store is shown to be full of customers, all seem to vanish when intercourse is taking place. Where did they all go? Don't they have things to buy? Who is manning the register anyway (we're told in an interview that there is only one register)?

6. How does not a single customer spot the host crouching by the register with a camera and a bag of sex toys? Although the area behind the register is somewhat on the large side compared to a regular supermarket, it still should be obvious that something lasciviously fishy is going on between employee and sex-toy wielding cameraman.

7. Many times we are shown the indecent Japanese supermarket employee crouched below the register talking with the host. These talks and behind-register challenges and preparations go on for quite awhile but even though there are customers in the store, none seem to visit the register during these palavers. What are they waiting for?

8. The supermarket employees are very attractive. Although two of the four are more on the comely side, the employees in this bizarre public nudity production are all very, very cute. On the flip side, working as a cashier at a Japanese supermarket isn't the most glamorous jobs and the chances of a small store such as this one employing not one or two, but four very attractive female employees is very questionable. If true, it would be very welcomed but...

9. How did they get cameras attached to the ceilings? Some of the shots are taken from above yet the only camera the host seems to have is a handheld one. Did he visit a previous day and clear this with management? Going by the reaction of the first employee who tells him that they have to finish quickly before the store manager returns, the answer is most likely negative.

10. How do these employees finish the rest of their shifts in damaged, semen-coated uniforms? On top of being naked at work (or close to it), how are these employees supposed to put in their dues? Their clothing is ruined and they smell of coitus. There's no way a customer would not notice a demure, quiet, nearly naked and attractive employee ringing up their foodstuffs with semen-coated hands.

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Indecently Uniformed Supermarket Employees
Part Two with English Subtitles

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