Around Town Chakuero Nudist

Voluptuous Japanese Extreme Public Nudity with Subtitles


Around Town Chakuero Nudist
with English Subtitles


Those well versed in Japanese AV lore know about BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING (known within the industry even today as "THE" BAKKY).  Infamous doesn't even begin to describe how far into the extreme forms of visual entertainment this production company of yesteryear went.   Fortunately, with their demise brought new life via COLLECTOR, a still-running production company that handles the distribution of the former's titles (along with making their own very unique movies.

One of the highlights of BAKKY's impressive roster of releases was their Maniac Public Nudity series.  We already released a title from this series a few months ago and have received nearly nonstop praise about the nearly unbelievable lengths the production crew along with the outgoing Mari Aikawa went.  That scene with her up in the air having sex in front of a train station seemed hard to beat...until today's release starring the nearly flawless Marina Aikawa (no relation and a name that's a total coincidence).

Marina Aikawa hails from western Japan, but possesses a magnificently pale and voluptuous body.  White as a ghost, thick hips, a great butt, and perfectly formed breasts are the tip of the iceberg.  Whereas Mari Aikawa was athletic and lean, Marina Aikawa is reminiscent of the naked and rubenesque women found in many western paintings of previous centuries and fortunately just like those women, she isn't ashamed about being naked whenever and wherever.

AROUND TOWN CHAKUERO NUDIST we admit is a ZENRA-created name.  The original title translates to something closer to 'Busty Woman Walks Around Town!'.  Considering one of the most daring scenes features Marina Aikawa wearing nothing but well-placed leather straps with a leash affixed around her neck, we felt 'chakuero' (which is a catch-phrase meaning a breath away from being naked) is more appropriate.  In that scene we actually see unobstructed shots of her pale and welcoming breasts.  Pubic hair also lets itself be known.

What goes on in this title is intense...beyond intense, really.  Just like our previous release in this series, the bulk of this title is not the tame public nudity of today.  Back when AROUND TOWN was filmed, camera phones still were pretty new so the risk of being caught was lower.  Thus many shots were done right in the middle of busy Tokyo streets.  Shopping arcades also were featured both in the aforementioned light bondage gear nudist scene and later on when we see Marina stark naked and spread eagle on the ground masturbating with a vibrator.  A curious old woman makes a few cursory rounds around her gyrating and wet frame before going on her way.  It's a humorous happening.

Nevertheless, not everyone they encountered enjoyed this level of audacious Japanese exhibitionism.  There was the restaurant waiter who calmly requested her to remain properly dressed.  Then there was the convenience store clerk--a woman--who severely scolded Ms. Aikawa for walking around the store in her birthday suit.  Lastly, the gas station attendant full of ire who threatened to call the authorities.  This one by far was the most serious.

Marina ventures all over Tokyo mainly naked or very much close to it.  There's even a scene featuring her waltzing into a sushi restaurant surprising the chef.  However, he admits to loving the eye candy and makes her an extra large lunch.  Foodies who love watching beautiful naked women eat high cuisine will love this portion of AROUND TOWN CHAKUERO NUDIST.  

It's great that Marina Aikawa is so outgoing.  This title is not 120 minutes of "I'm embarrassed!" being screeched over and over.  Marina loves being an exhibitionist.  She loves being naked in places where remaining clothed would be best ideal.  What's more, her body is truly extraordinary; pale, thick, curvy, with an hourglass figure.  She's got great proportions and avoids the 'refrigerator body' that other larger Japanese AV stars sometimes have.

The latter portion of this ultra-risky Japanese public nudity title features harder elements, but sex is not the main focus here.  This is not a two-hour love romp.  It's more about seeing a pert Japanese woman in public in the nude.  Later on we do finally see her engage in naughtier acts, but the thrill is being out and about, not reaching for an orgasm.  We do see one of those at the very end of the title, however.

ZENRA has been fortunate to be able to license both BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING and COLLECTOR's entire public nudity collection which adds up around 40 titles.  Expect the Public Nudity section of ZENRA to be updated rather frequently from here on out.  Some of the titles such as AROUND TOWN are somewhat older, but it's not possible any longer to send production crews out into public areas.  The risk of being caught is simply too high nowadays.  Technology, unfortunately, has caught up.  The joy of public nudity are the visuals of course, but dialog also plays a key part in making everything click into place.  Like all other new releases on ZENRA, exclusive English subtitles--including on-screen captioning with extra post-processing effects--come standard.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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