Doing the Ekiben Around Town

Extreme Japanese Public Nudity with Subtitles


Doing the Ekiben Around Town
with English Subtitles

As announced earlier in December, we at ZENRA are shifting gears somewhat with our output by focusing even more on extreme titles--known domestically as MANIAC Japanese AV.  These are titles that really cross the line from just kind of weird and unique to all-out eyebrow-raising sumptuousness.  The trend continues with today's production which deserves much kudos for being by far the most audacious Japanese public nudity movie ever released.  It almost dents reality thinking about how this one ever got passed Japan's adult video release authority....

...then again, today's title, Doing the Ekiben Around Town was released by a fantastic niche AV production company called BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING (or THE BAKKY by those within the AV industry who know of this company's--cough--history) who skirts the semi-official rules larger studios tend to follow.  Don't look directly for them now; they're gone, but not forgotten.  This title along with all the other public nudity titles by BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING will be released every so often due to our new licensing arrangement with COLLECTOR, the studio that picked up where BAKKY left off.

Public nudity titles are generally tough to find release.  Even in Japan where almost anything goes under the AV umbrella, doing things outside in public can lead to a very gray area.  Although there is no singular mosaic and AV regulation authority, the major ones generally do not touch public nudity titles with a 60 foot pole.  Rather, these titles are normally done and released by the studio from the ground up including hiring salaryman part-time to apply mosaic.

We've covered a bit of the background about Japanese AV and its ho-hum relationship with outdoor exposure so it's time to delve into this fantastic release.

First off, ekiben is a Japanese word which is the phrase used for the sexual position where the man holds the woman up in the air mid-coitus.  Simply calling the title Doing the Standing Up Sex Around Town does not sound as nice so our apologies about incorporating direct Japanese into the title.

The antics shown go above and beyond any other public nudity feature ever on ZENRA--and possibly anywhere else in the western-oriented Japanese AV world.  This is not a title where a very shy Japanese woman flashes her chest for a brief instant.  This release, starring Mari Aikawa, whose career as a Japanese AV star was not that long, loves the public spotlight and brazenly had no qualms about getting totally naked in essentially any surrounding.  

Within the first 3 minutes of the first scene, she's already stark naked outdoors in the middle of Tokyo.  Her 'uniform'--if you can call it that--for the next scene are strategically placed pieces of duct tape.  Pulling them off later must have been an uncomfortable experience!  Not long after her semi-nude frolic through a train station, we see her remove the tape and provide one of the crew members a blowjob of note near a grouping of low-rise apartments.  This in itself was absolutely crazy in its boldness, but it's only the tip of the iceberg as to what follow.

Leading up to this title's namesake, we see Mari Aikawa take a nudist walk down a busy street and then enter a convenience store for some shopping.  This scene was incredible for two big reasons:  the street was no tiny residential walkway.  There are ample amounts of people walking around her not involved in the production.  Also, the convenience store was not some tiny bubble-era relic that other public nudity titles often use due to their low foot traffic.  This store was totally corporate and customers were plentiful.

Some scenes had to be cut short due to the spotting of patrol cars and close encounters with angry store managers.  This really gave this title and ample bout of realism and it shows as jackets are quickly thrown on and the crew puts on their marathon game-faces.

Fortunately, the public nudity scene to end all public nudity scenes went off without a hitch.

Can you imagine how insane it must be to actually pull the quintessential ekiben scene off?  This scene--albeit short at about a dozen minutes--features Mari-chan and the main cameraman having sex without any clothes on in public.  They start with foreplay in the van while one of the crew quickly opens the door and others act as lookouts while he lifts her up and walks around busy streets doing you-know-what.  They even make a lap around the entrance to a busy train station and this portion is fortunately slowed down for prime effect.  It's ludicrous.

It's hard to imagine, but the ekiben scene not only is done in the afternoon with great lighting, it's not even the last scene in this production.  There are still more scenes that up the ante such as Mari Aikawa's naked arcade center experience and their totally public blowjob on a walkway in the center of Akibahara.

Doing the Ekiben Around Town is hands-down the most daring public nudity title ever to be shown on ZENRA.  This title featured a ton of dialog and it's there for you subtitled in native English.  You will not miss what they say along with many of the interesting on-screen captions.  They've all been translated for your viewing enjoyment.  

We will be featuring more releases--both public nudity and beyond--from COLLECTOR and BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING and they are all great in their own right.  Some may not bring down the house like Ekiben, but they are all must-sees.  They're all perfect examples of public nudity and extreme shaming done right.  The hair-raising risk of encountering apoplectic shop managers and the fuzz while engaging in true blue nudism in busy cities is a heaven-sent mix of Japanese adult video goodness.  COLLECTOR is an AV studio whose goal is to raise eyebrows, drop mouths, and cause things to stiffen up.  With 'Doing the Ekiben Around Town', they have succeeded in all three with flying colors.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!


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