Aya Kisaki - Massage Therapist Shameful Debt Payback

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Aya Kisaki - Massage Therapist Shameful Debt Payback
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While her husband toils away as a white collar salaryman, Ayako (Aya Kisaki) works as a massage therapist.  Her no-good younger half-sister Kanako took out a loan she ran away from and secretly used Ayako’s clinic as the guarantor.  In order to pay it back, the ‘chivalrous organization’ backing the loan has instructed Ayako to hire on one of their own.

Of course this involves ample training, but soon enough the tables are turned with Ayako becoming the masochistic sex slave willing to go behind her husband’s back in order to satisfy both her financial obligations and her sexual needs.

Soon enough little is left of Ayako, but a deeply perverted and shameful woman willing to expose all holes—including her anus--to anyone who asks.

You know, if there's one type of service industry business that huge cities like Tokyo have too much of, it's hair salons.  No matter where you look, it's hard not to run into one and I'm surprised at how they can all remain in--oh wait, I was thinking about the wrong movie here.

We need to talk about *another* type of service industry business that may be even more numerous than salons:  massage clinics.  Really, they're all over the place.  I'm surprised legit ones such as the clinic AYA KISAKI runs in today's ORGA drama JAV update remained in the black for so long.  Then again, being staffed by one random chirpy employee along with her party-hard sister-in-law may have made payroll a breeze.

Nevertheless, her no-good sister-in-law partied too hard and ended up associating with the more 'sinister' side of Japan's underbelly (whom shall not be named nor linked!).  A loan was made, but was not paid back.  What made this all worse was her sister, Kanako, putting up the shop as collateral meaning the Yakuza--oops, I said it--take over the business if the money isn't paid back in a 'timely' fashion.

Going back to there being too many massage clinics and not enough customers, the mafia is well aware of this and MASSAGE THERAPIST SHAMEFUL DEBT PAYBACK sees one of their own becoming the de facto manager of AYA's shop with a new business plan:  sexual massages.  Oh, of course they're regular massages with a few erotic elements thrown in...on paper, but from what we see AYA, married as she may be, now is in charge of doing rubbing, tugging, and a whole lot more her husband would be mortified to find out about.

Although it's not mentioned in the title, the cover artwork along with the numerous screenshots to the left of this review should make it clear pretty easily that SHAMEFUL DEBT PAYBACK is an anus-centric movie.  While real anal sex DOES happen only in the final scene, all the sexual play leading up to it features a lot of backdoor play.  You can say AYA KISAKI is trained slowly, but surely in order to prepare for her shameful anal sex debut--a truly joyous sexual encounter so important that Kanako stuck around to take pictures of it.

And those pictures?  Sent off to certain parties if AYA elects not to maintain her part of the modified loan payback program.

Being an ORGA release directed by butt-loving SHISUI USABA, expect top-notch production values (though I'll admit the trailer this time around could have been cut a bit nicer).  Lighting, picture, sound, and more is in a class by itself.  Not even super large conglomerate makers can match ORGA.  SHAMEFUL DEBT PAYBACK is actually the final title we licensed in our initial order with them.  Fear not drama JAV fans as we just picked out another dozen movies--most being brand-spanking new--so our partnership with ORGA may have concluded its first chapter with today's update, but what we have in store in the future is seriously going to raise some eyebrows.

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