Meika Kizaki - Happy To Be a Nudist

Adorable and Stark Naked in Public

Meika Kizaki - Happy To Be a Nudist
with English Subtitles

It's been a few months since our last one which makes it the ideal time once again for an insane public nudity title!  COLLECTOR helps us out as is tradition because modern norms make shooting these titles nigh on impossible.  Today's update, MEIKA KIZAKI in HAPPY TO BE A NUDIST is extra special as it is the FINAL one we're showing that was originally released via BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING (COLLECTOR bought the rights to distribute some of their work after that company met its demise).  This may not be the final one in production order, but it's still monumental in its own special way.

MEIKA KIZAKI is a JAV star few may probably know.  It's a shame, really, because she's extremely cute and seems relatively fine with showing all in extremely public places.  It doesn't help that her career was extremely short with not even a half dozen titles under her belt with most besides this one being some extremely hard BDSM ones.  Safe to say in spite of her innocent mien, she was into some rather kinky forms of sexual expression.

HAPPY TO BE A NUDIST has its ups and downs.  Like a few others, it features a pretty bizarre intro (see the free trailer!) featuring some crazy CGI that I am semi-eager to know the back-story about.  It's slicker than some of their earlier releases, but at the end of the day, it's still a title 'filmed by a couple of idiots with a death-wish' (somewhat paraphrased from the owner of COLLECTOR about this series).  Do not go into a title like this--or any of the previous ones--and expect beautiful and shaky-camera-free footage of stark naked Japanese women out in real public places.  That just isn't going to happen.  Rather, it's guerrilla to its core though that just adds to the realism.

This isn't the best title in the series, but MEIKA is just *so* cute and she does get out there a lot stark naked.  There's ample footage of her stripping off whatever and walking around as a temporary nudist in places raiment is best warranted.  This is what makes this movie great, but also what hurts it as the bulk of it is random scenes of her doing exactly that and not much else.  Some of the more outlandish play like public cunnilingus and blowjobs in one of my favorite movies from this series are absent.  And of course, no absolutely bonkers 'ekiben' standing sex in front of train stations.  Some women may be fine with walking around naked, but they'll still have their limits!

We may still show more public nudity after this one.  COLLECTOR has released some titles under their name and a few of them are pretty hard.  After all, this fantastic one was done by them during the final days of when it was safe to still film these.  Other studio partners also have done some public shooting back in the day so there's a very strong chance we'll be updating this part of ZENRA with even more wonderful--albeit dated--content.  Again, we'd love to show brand spanking new public nudity releases, but they sadly do not exist.  Enjoy MEIKA KIZAKI's time as an unexpected nudist and who knows--she's still a young woman in her early thirties now so she could always make a well-planned return to the small screen sans clothing as a formidable MILF actress.  Our hearts go out to her and that very special day she did the unthinkable all throughout the crowded streets of Tokyo.

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