Reina Sakurai - The Stark Naked Dash to Freedom

No Shame Needed

Reina Sakurai - The Stark Naked Dash to Freedom
with English Subtitles


It's very odd how COLLECTOR found all these women to do some insane public nudity exploits.  Of course nowadays, you really can't get away with filming these types of movies any longer, but even back then it must have taken a grandiose amount of negotiations between studio and JAV talent agency to get an actress to sign on to doing one.

Just guessing here, but in spite of less all-out sex scenes, the pay probably was higher than normal (hazard pay anyone?) as the risks were immensely higher than your standard shoot.  These public nudity titles filmed back in the day were really filmed on location.  No green screen fakery, no plants, nothing!  All the budget went into getting pretty women agreeing to take part.  Actual real production was left to a team of 'amateurs' (COLLECTOR's very own words, not ours!) so do expect titles like today's, THE STARK NAKED DASH TO FREEDOM, to have a very powerful guerrilla filmmaking vibe to them.

REINA SAKURAI, like others who have appeared in updates like this one, is another one of those early 2000's JAV stars that only did a few titles before bowing out.  She never had a big following and aside from this sole public nudity release, I had difficulty finding pretty much anything else in her filmography.  It's probably safe to say given her outgoing shame-free personality that before tiptoeing in JAV, she spent ample time working in brothels.  You don't go from average girl to streaking in the middle of Shibuya without an appropriate 'adult play' buffer zone.

DASH TO FREEDOM is one of the harder titles we've shown.  It's not my favorite (that'd be this one), but it definitely takes an insane amount of risks.  Hell, they even have a threesome sex scene in a van driving down the highway.  Oh, and the rear doors of the van were open the whole time!  Talk about the shock of seeing that while making your afternoon commute!

Many of the releases in this series find unique ways to push the public exposure envelope and REINA SAKURAI'S iteration did something I found really novel:  public nudity rope binding!  There were a few encounters where you had her stripped stark naked and bound to a tree/utility pole while the production crew hopped into their van to film her from afar.  A few times they even started driving.  Again, apparently being born without a shame response, REINA did not seem to care at all.  Out of all the actresses taking part (that we have showed so far), she's definitely one of the more audacious ones.


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