Mai-chan the City Nudist Tries Not to Get Arrested

Mai-chan Going the Limit

Mai-chan the City Nudist Tries Not to Get Arrested
with English Subtitles

Releasing an authentic Japanese public nudity movie is almost akin to opening a vintage bottle of wine.  Why?  Because both are limited.  Just how there are only so many bottles produced from a certain year, public nudity titles that really push the envelope also only exist in limited numbers.  Nowadays especially due to some recent controversies, it's nigh on impossible for a production company to film *anything* aside from tame interviews outside.  Yes, even a couple getting frisky in an outdoor bath affixed to a private hotel suite may be too much for receiving the approval stamp from certain Ethics companies.  Actual sex in public?  Forget about it!!!

That means in order to keep our Maniac in Public section active, we have to continuously delve into our (fortunately still large) treasure trove of titles from the mid 2000's.  Most famous of course are the one we've been showing originally released by BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING.  They released 17 and COLLECTOR who now handles their distribution pushed out another dozen or so before things got too hairy.  Thankfully due to our extensive studio connections, once we exhaust our supply from these two companies, we still have many more sources, but crystal-clear Full HD and extreme Japanese public nudity are two phrases that will never be mentioned in the same sentence (aside from this one).

When we select titles from our BAKKY/COLLECTOR public nudity cache to show on ZENRA, we generally decide on the order somewhat randomly.  After all, these may be part of a series, but it's not like there's a continuous storyline--hell, there is NO storyline.  It's pure and simple guerilla AV in its most natural element.  Thus some updates may be from the tail end of the 'outdoors boom' and others such as today's update, MAI THE CITY NUDIST TRIES NOT TO GET ARRESTED, are one of the series pioneers.

Well actually, MAI-chan's debut is number six in the BAKKY series so it's a not super early title, but it's still mildly rough around the edges.  It also is a tad tamer than other titles--both older and newer--so we do apologize now for those with a desperate need to consume some insane acts of public indecency; MAI-chan (last name not given) was a bit on the shy side and had her limits.

From looking over the movie again, there is no single must-see scene.  Various 'activities' were captured with the conclusion being full-on sex in a very impressively towering Ferris Wheel.  The sex was real and the location was daring, but from this author's previous life in HIS 'roaring twenties', Ferris Wheel naughtiness isn't *too* extreme.  I can name multiple friends who also had sex with their "one-night love" girlfriends on them.  Of course none taped their exploits so hats off to the crew of MAI-CHAN THE CITY NUDIST for doing that I guess.

We're not sure if MAI-chan went on to have an AV career after this title.  The cover art mentions this is her debut and she obviously has ample experience working in Japan's night life, but was going gung-ho into a public nudity title the best way to get one's feet wet?  We're not sure, but we do wonder if she opted for studio-only work after this was filmed (though she did say she'd be down for another outdoor title at the conclusion of this one, but she may have said it purely out of being polite).

Future Maniac in Public updates at ZENRA will be harder and softer, more extreme and also more tame.  We'll stick to randomly selecting titles in order to satisfy the carvings of most everybody.  There may be no more MAI-chan's, but many of her friends were even more eager to get naked and *stay* naked even in the most audacious of places.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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