Walk of Nudist Shame

Totally Stark Naked in Public Without a Care in the World!

Walk of Nudist Shame
with English Subtitles

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As of writing this on one of the first blisteringly hot days after the closure of Japan's rainy season, the AV industry has never been as close to DEFCON 1 as it is now.  It may be old news to some and fresh to others, but halfway through 2016 a somewhat well-known actress who appeared in over 100 titles made an accusation baseless given her background about having no choice when it came to doing AV.  Her resume seems to differ and an outpouring of support not FOR her, but for the studios she laid accusations upon was birthed by nearly every top-ranking actress.

Nevertheless, the industry as a whole is in lock-down and (hopefully temporarily) the Ethics companies that act as a kinda sorta gateway to what gets sold has put the kibosh on some of the harder themes to show the industry takes these accusations seriously (hint:  they do).  Ethics companies, for those not totally in the know, are "independent" organizations totally not staffed by former police officers looking for easy jobs post-retirement.  They mainly ensure mosaic is properly applied and titles do not violate certain theme restrictions.  If everything's hunky dory, they give the title a thumbs up and then the studio can pay a 'nominal' fee on top of the big inspection fee to have the Ethics company's approval sticker affixed to the back of all their DVD cases (you've seen these stickers before!  Bottom right of most AV titles!).

You don't actually need to have a title screened by one of the half dozen or so Ethics companies to sell a title.  Some studios--not many mind you--just release on their own and even sell on their own sites.  For most AV studios this is an alien concept, but it's business as usual from a western standpoint.  The biggest minus to not receiving Ethics approval is the inability to sell your wares on larger Japanese VOD sites and many well-known brick-and-mortar stores may not sell them either.

Now how does this deal with today's update at ZENRA?  Well, this title would NEVER be released today.  WALK OF NUDIST SHAME would fail Ethics theme restrictions screening so hard the company who made it would probably be blacklisted on principle from submitting future titles for approval.

Want to know why?  Out of the blue, the Ethics companies as a whole recently forbid studios from filming outside.  Interviews are the exception, but ANY outdoor 'play' is (again, hopefully temporarily) forbidden.  This insanely includes outdoor bathing scenes that are super popular in hot spring vacation movies.  It also includes scenes filmed in cars like the title by DREAM TICKET we released recently starring HARUKI SATOU.

Public nudity movies--especially ones that'd fall under our Maniac in Public series banner would definitely be no good for modern day approval.  For companies that have zero experience outside of production and just leave distribution to secondary companies, these new rules are a nightmare.  But for companies such as COLLECTOR, the distributor of this awesome public nudity fairy tale originally released by BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING, Ethics companies are meaningless as they've always done everything mainly on their own.

WALK OF NUDIST SHAME is not the hardest title from the original BAKKY stable of public nudity insanity, but it's a pretty daring one and thankfully features an actress going by ASUKA KYOUNO who has very little qualms about stripping stark naked way out in public.  Nudist walks down shopping arcades are standard.  Even the final scene featuring sex on a walkway she went into gung-ho.  That walkway scene even had some international flair as two foreign joggers ran right by her and the actor having sex.  They apologized in English and went back to their public coitus escapades.

Our only real issue with this title is just like the last one we released, it features quick amateur flashing segments between the main scenes with ASUKA.  This time around the amateurs show more--most take off everything--but it'd be nicer to just have an extra scene or two with ASUKA engaging in even crazier public play.  The amateur flashing showcase would be better as it's own title which seems to be something BAKKY agreed upon as later releases just focus on the main actress without the excessive 'filler'.

We're now in an environment where filming outside for a production company that still desires quick'n'easy distribution is an impossibility.  We're hoping the situation changes and looking back at the previous ebbs and flows of the industry, things probably will lighten up, but for now at least except more titles to be shot in closed sets.  Even if the rule remains concrete for the near future (update Feb 2017:  it looks like this is no longer a rule!), we've still a huge backlog of extreme public nudity titles set for release so rest-assured we'll be pumping out releases to meet your fix for a long time yet.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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