Momo Hayakawa is Nude in Public

Audacious Japanese Public Exposure with a Cherubic Beauty


Momo Hayakawa is Nude in Public
with English Subtitles


MOMO HAYAKAWA is an interesting example of an actress who seriously could have had a massively famous and flourishing career, but opted to depart from the industry way before her time was ripe.  We're really saddened by it, but are glad and very, very fortunate that we have the ability to show a couple of her movies at ZENRA.

We love her looks:  super innocent mien with a cute button nose that a few nitpickers may find somewhat large, pale skin nearly blemish-free, light pink nipples almost the same color as her skin when flushed from an impending orgasm, and an all-around body that can best be described as cherubic--or even underdeveloped.

Her first release at ZENRA was a very special Defiled Schoolgirl title by GUTS.  Going by her Japanese Wikipedia page, that was actually her second release after entering the industry.  What we see today is one of the later titles she made before retiring and it puts her in an environment that can be ambitious at the best of times and extremely embarrassing in the worst...not that we mind seeing a flummoxed and distraught MOMO-chan.

Our first experience with MOMO HAYAKAWA was that of a nearly mute schoolgirl who was down for having nearly every prurient act known to man done to her.  This time around, the trend of willing submission does continue, but the MOMO we see is much closer to the real person behind the stage name.  Firstly, she's loquacious and much less wooden.  Rather than being the young erotic plaything of a perverted older man, here she's out and about in one of the harder public nudity titles released by the infamous BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING (that COLLECTOR now owns the rights to).

NUDE IN PUBLIC with MOMO HAYAKAWA is part of the incredible MANIAC PUBLIC NUDITY series by BAKKY.  In fact, although this is not the first addition from this series on ZENRA, it's the earliest produced one we've so far shown.  There are three filmed before this and around a dozen after and ALL will be shown in good time so have no worries about us failing to satisfy your extreme Japanese public nudity fetish.  You will be satiated!

In terms of daring activities outdoors amongst real people, we felt MOMO's time was slightly tamer than other releases from the same era.  There of course were scenes that featured her stark naked in Tokyo, but foot traffic was slightly less.  These portions also were slightly shorter than what we have seen before.  Nevertheless, one later scene featuring a nearly naked MOMO HAYAKAWA clad only in a string bikini several sizes too small for her made up for this and then some because...

...she was blindfolded!

That may sound tame, but just realize she was being led by hand, could hear many people walking by, but at the same time had no idea where they actually were.  Could it have been Shinjuku?  Shibuya?  The scramble crossing?  Actually, this was indeed filmed in the vicinity of the most latter, but even back when this title was made over a decade ago, police presence there was strong so this kind of naked in public stunt would never have been possible.

Something we found really neat about this title was the in-van chats between MOMO and the crew.  They were way more frank than what you normally see in a Japanese AV title.  There, MOMO talked about how she was originally scouted for AV (she was kinda sorta lied to) and even mentioned her mild state of panic and confusion when doing her first gigs.  In another chat, she talked about the strange geezer stalker who kept calling her with bizarre marriage proposals for over a year and a half.

It would have been nice for even harder elements of public play to have been featured, but this title could be considered one of the earlier ones where the crew was still finding their footing.  We've shown harder titles and have many more lined up that contain some truly unbelievable acts of public exposure.  We do love how cute and innocent MOMO looks so we can't hold it against her for having some limits of what she's able to do.

MOMO's retired from AV shortly after this title.  We've no idea what she's doing now, but hope she's hale and happy.  Most likely she's settled down in her native Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu.  Married?  Probably.  Still just as kinky?  We sure hope so!


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