Japanese Lesbian Escort Service

POV Johns Watch Authentic Bisexual Play with Subtitles

I Get to Watch a Lesbian Delivery Health
with English Subtitles

Let's talk about some of Japan's escort services. The laws regarding prostitution and where it can and cannot be done have been altered recently. Many establishments such as soaplands, fashion healths, and pink salons still exist and will exist for some time due to grandfather clauses with the laws in question. However, breaking into this industry via traditional brick-and-mortar routes is challenging and verging on impossible. Thus, to satisfy the never-ending demand for things best done behind closed doors, 'delivery health'--or out-call escort services have surged in popularity.

Most are similar to their western counterparts: call up the agency (or the escort directly if she is a free agent) and agree on a time and place. After she arrives, you do your business and call it a day. Very routine. However, Japan with its ever-expanding facets of outlandish roads to sexual release managed to put a spin on this.

Did you know masturbation cafes are really a thing? Let the name not misguide you. A 'masturbation cafe' is not an upscale beverage-oriented restaurant where patrons can gratify themselves through both means both oral and other. Rather, it's another new way brick-and-mortar erotic services are skirting the laws. On paper, all the girls do is watch. Sometimes they may help out with their hands, but it never goes behind that.

Today, this concept of watching is mixed with Japanese delivery health and lesbians as well. It's a vicious combination perfect for those who are into watching the action while pleasuring oneself.

The agency this production features remains unnamed and seems to consist of lesbian couples who visit the houses of Johns. There, they engage in same-sex adult relations while he--or you since the camera takes the role of the person--watches. Introductions are short and the first two scenes are especially potent due to the inclusion of highly skilled big name Japanese AV stars such as Hibiki Otsuki and Misaki Hatsumi.

All the Japanese women involved in this fantastic depiction of lesbian romance with an off-camera male spectator play their roles well. Lazy movements bordering on saturnine are nowhere to be found. From start to finish, passion is red-lined to the point where noise complaints from neighboring tenants almost become a reality. This is definitely a production best watched with headphones.

The way Japanese Delivery services work are showcased very well here--especially the first scene where payment is required up front. Once the amount is confirmed, one of the delivery escorts calls the agency informing them that everything is hunky-dory on their end. This was a real nice touch that gave this already vivid production even more realism.

The last scene of 'I Get to Watch a Lesbian Delivery Health' is probably the most realistic of the trio. It features two older women who later claim to be actual lesbians working this salacious job in order to save up enough money to move abroad and get married since same-sex marriages still are a no-go in Japan. They're 'larger' than the four AV stars in the first two scenes and they give off that lusty once-upon-a-time-hostess vibe. They definitely have been bedfellows with many a pack of cigarettes in rooms with bad ventilation--in other words, itinerants of Japan's famous Water Trade.

Another thing to note is this production's use of mosaic censorship. If you cannot tell by the above screen-shots, it barely uses any! Since Japanese adult video production companies self-regulate via a slew of mosaic authorities, sometimes titles like this 'slip' through the cracks. From a non-Japanese standpoint, mosaic applied to genitalia may seem funny and antiquated, but it's still the law in Japan. Not only is the mosaic in this production nearly invisible, it's only applied to the inner labia. Either someone slipped up or some big risks are being taken as there actually are occasional crackdowns on this type of behavior.

'I Get to Watch a Lesbian Delivery Health' may appear like a straight-forward production, and it is in some ways. Make no mistake though: women love to talk and when it's two of them deeply interested in each other, dialog exchanges become nearly nonstop. English subtitles totally flesh out this production making it significantly more than a flashy Japanese lesbian romp. The rhyme and reason to what's happening is now something everyone can comprehend. However, mixing 'senzuri' (Japanese for masturbating while someone watches you) with lesbian dalliances may work in Japan, but it's efficacy elsewhere is questionable at best


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