Lesbian Private Parts Guessing Game

Japanese women with bisexual tendencies play an infamous game with subtitles

Perverted Private Parts Guessing Game
~Lesbians Edition~
with English Subtitles

"It's time once again for another edition of the Private Parts Guessing Game and today will be the first lesbian version!" is bellowed via Riri Kouda's impressive martinet-like pipes. Today, six contestants consisting of three Japanese milfs moonlighting as stoic duennas and their younger female charges. The theme is innocence via intimate stark naked examination of one's most private areas and it's carried out flawlessly and without men in sight. The Private Parts Guessing Game returns for another outing and its women-only this time around. What's more, all have little to no experience in any type of lesbian dalliance. Bisexuality is just another foreign word for all, but by the end of today, concrete mindsets will be shattered by the tempting fruit of same-sex romance.

Now for those not familiar with this Japanese game show that truly is as crazy and zany as they come, the concept centers upon clothed challengers (clothed for the first portion of each round at least) who are tasked with 'identifying' the private parts of the person they came in with. Well, 'identifying' is used very liberally here as this is not a game of guess-who by visual clues only. It would not be as unique and jaw-droppingly bizarre of it was spot-the-anus from afar. The rewards are royal in their offering (the grand prize being a Hawaiian vacation plus digital camcorder) and with them come truly hands-on tests of licentious fortitude in guessing correctly.

Compared to earlier iterations, the challenges of identification start similar, but new and heterodox tests of endurance come into play. Tame at first, the rounds all begin with a clothed female contestant gazing in open-mouthed awe at the guessing panel. This infamous panel is slightly taller than the average height of a person and diagonally across to allow for four cartoonish caricatures of females with slide-out portions to expose private parts. Those slide-out portions get ample use. The first contestant--an older Japanese milf in her mid-forties who claims to have zero experience playing for the 'other team' starts off right away with curious touching of breasts before being invited to use her tongue. She moves south as Riri Kouda urbanely recommends a plan of action in correct identification and soon enough, a strap-on is introduced.

Engaging in figuring out who's private parts belongs to whom in this fantastic CFNF (clothed female naked female) production where embarrassment combined with innocence of a lesbian nature is a mighty feat of endurance. Sexual feelings are bound to run rampant and using the strap-on to perform an 'internal' inspection may be too much for some of the naked players who moan and scream in joy via multiple pumps. Orgasms--some in surprise--are achieved during this unique scene where all four naked contestants rest with their butts facing outward in a visual depiction of heaven for lovers of Japanese rear ends.

Something illimitably bizarre happens in the second round: the initial play centering around female to female butt and anal exploration is similar to what happened in the first round, but for quite possibly the first time ever, the panels fade into the background before the Japanese milf contestant can identify the younger women she came in with.

That last challenge--the final judging--is brought about via a crazy '3D' element where each of the three naked contestants don full body suits that have had the areas surrounding their breasts and groin cut out leaving them both covered and oh so indecently exposed. Here, while wearing a strap-on (which is a recurring theme of this very strange Japanese lesbian production), sixtynine after sixtynine is carried out with close inspection of each vagina placed in front of Mizuki-san, the strap-on wielding supine challenger. Her final judging comes about via a salient and perverted clue which needs to be seen.

To end with 3D full body suits with visible private parts would be sound. It would already make this Japanese lesbian CFNF guessing game one of the strangest productions of recent memory, but things are cranked to eleven with the introduction of the lesbian roulette wheel. The final round sees the use of this prurient spinning device from 433 Eros featuring three stark naked spread eagle arms outward contestants. Each (aside from their faces) are as exposed as humanly possible and are anxious to continue onward. Wearing a strap-on and nothing else, the final Japanese milf challenger is almost as exposed as the three naked women on the massive roulette wheel are. The final round sees her spinning the wheel (almost certainly with the aid of an off-camera assistant director) and when it stops, she slides in her freshly lubricated strap-on for some intensely unique lesbian play.

This edition of the Private Parts Guessing Game also features an interesting bonus scene with strangely out of place theatrical elements via the inclusion of a distraught harridan accidentally sauntering into the wrong changing room. There, she discovers two of the challengers on the verge of orgasming via even more play using the tried-and-true strap-on dildo. It's a fun scene that fleshes out two of the players who received slightly less screen time during their abridged salacious outing in the second scene--the one with the 3D body suits.

There are only so many adjectives one can use to describe this zany Japanese lesbian game show. It masterfully combines extreme elements of CFNF, lesbians, toys, and debauchery in ways never before seen. Lesbian fans will obviously rejoice along with those who love seeing weird Japanese coitus in action complete with full and exclusive English subtitles. This is not a title to miss even if lesbians aren't you thing as the strap-on makes a commanding appearance and ejaculations are replaced by explosive female orgasms aplenty

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