Custom Movies of JAV Stars Masturbating for YOU!

Order Made Masturbation #58 with 12 JAV Stars!!

Campaign ends June 25th!!

(JAV Stars Azuki (above) and Yuzuka Shirai (below) about to masturbate for ZENRA subscribers!)

#58 Cast:

Moe Hazuki 葉月もえ (
Airi Satou さとう愛理 (
Ayu Kumano 熊野あゆ (

Kuran Itou 伊東紅蘭 (
Yuu Kawakami 川上ゆう (
Chika Aso 麻生知香 (

Miyuki Asano 麻乃みゆき (
Mayu Minami 南まゆ (
Akari Hoshimiya 星宮あかり (

Sumire Seto 瀬戸すみれ (
Iroha Narimiya 成宮いろは (
Shiori Mochida 持田栞里 (


Custom shot JAV star masturbation movies filmed SOLELY for you and will NEVER be shown anywhere else.  The movie will run about 30 minutes and commence with an interview portion where she answers up to 5 questions of your creation.  She will masturbate to you for the next 20 minutes and may moan and scream your name.  NEW:  you can also send in your picture that she can masturbate to and on (like a reverse cum tribute!).  The final 5 minutes consists of her signing her used lingerie that will be also be mailed to you!


What you receive:

  • Digital movie of a custom masturbation shoot (includes English subtitles!).
  • JAV star's used and unwashed lingerie.
  • Signed autograph board of her that you see her actually signing after she finishes masturbating.
  • (Limited to #58) Signed onahole masturbation toy and 2 RADIX movies of your choice.

Price:  80,000 yen (approximately $730USD)
Includes tax and worldwide shipping.
(Remember, this is a custom shoot!  It ís being done for you and you only!)

Payment can be made via:

  • Bank transfer sent directly to RADIX (most preferred)
  • Other methods sent to ZENRA (restrictions apply, contact us for more info)

Ordering information and requirements:

  • You must be a ZENRA subscriber at the time you place an order!  10,000 yen surcharge for non-subscribers.
  • We can subtitle the movies FREE of charge, but do note that if you request this, ZENRA staff will also see your private video (though we will delete it after RADIX receives the subtitle file).
  • Send us 5 questions to ask the JAV star during the interview portion in English or Japanese.  If in English, we will send the original English along with a Japanese translation to RADIX.  Unless the actress speaks English and is comfortable being filmed speaking in it (rare), expect a Japanese language movie.
  • You may provide shooting suggestions such as toys used, clothing, positions, certain dialog, and more.  RADIX and the actress have the right to refuse any requests they may not be comfortable performing.
  • Order Made Masturbation package (used lingerie, signed pictures, etc.) is mailed out in discrete packaging approximately 3 months after each campaign's payment deadline (about a week after each campaign ends).
  • We will contact everyone who requests Order Made Masturbation shortly after each campaign ends and supply payment information.  Payment must be received by RADIX or us within about a week from this date.
  • Once payment is received, we will begin the actual process of arranging the shoot.
  • In the event where production is unable to take place (scheduling issues, actress health, etc.), you will receive a full refund.

Please contact us if you are interested in placing an order!