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2015 Zenra State of the Union

Greetings Zenra subscribers and fans.

Since 2002, we have concentrated our output mainly on 'alternative Japanese AV' and we have no plans to stop anytime soon.  Back when Zenra first came into being, there was no other Japanese adult video site focusing mainly on bizarre productions.  We have continued this theme to the present day by featuring productions that are anything but normal.

All throughout 2014 we have been in talks with Japanese production companies and are pleased to announce that we have entered into licensing arrangements with quite a few.  On top of that, we have many more studios in queue to arrange deals with in the near future.  Some of these production companies will soon be featured on our new Partners page.  Via this page, you can visit the websites of these production companies to see their full collections and we can also help you make purchases directly from the source (with a high chance of production extras being included in the order!).  For webmasters reading this, we may be able to help you license titles from these studios.

What this entails is that beginning in 2015 and continuing indefinitely, Zenra will focus even more on bizarre and extreme titles.  Think less releases with people in bathhouses and getting massages (as we've covered both extensively) and more releases that venture into the territories of extreme public nudity and shaming, vicious femdom CFNM, ghosts—yes, ghosts, voluntary groping on real trains, and perhaps a random spattering of newhalfs...and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We still will occasionally include 'eye bleach' updates in the form of traditional hardcore releases and of course more and more titles will be released both uncensored and in high-definition.

Along with showcasing these untapped niches of 'maniac Japanese AV' ('maniac' being the catchall phrase for truly twisted Japanese AV movies), various back-end upgrades to Zenra are being put in place.  The most obvious which already started in October is the gradual shift to a more modern video format (x264 MP4 files for the technical readers out there).  This will result in a better streaming experience across pretty much any computer and device.  All previous updates released in the former format will be converted to this new format.  We also are planning on unveiling an in-site streaming player.  Other odds and ends such as an improved search engine and a user-driven movie ranking algorithm are also on the way.

The only downside to this all is after many years of stagnancy, we have no choice but to slightly raise the subscription cost by $5USD.  Beginning January, 30 and 90 day recurring subscriptions will become $34.95USD and $90USD respectively.  The 90 day non-recurring option will remain as-is at $99USD.  The reason for the price increase is that licensing adult videos from maniac production companies is an expensive endeavour with higher than normal upfront costs along with perpetual revshare agreements.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please note that active subscriptions will not be adjusted.  Provided you do not cancel, you will continue to be billed at your current price point.

Zenra does something truly unique:  we bring you the best of the best of bizarre and maniac Japanese AV with English subtitles that are full, exclusive, accurately translated AND timed, and written in native English along with lush commentaries and reviews and more.  The best is yet to come so stay tuned.
Your Only Source for Alternative Asian Erotica Subtitled Maniac Japanese AV since 2002

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In Progress Member Requested Subtitles
Movie Title Request Date Status
Lesbian Diary October 9 2014 QUEUED
Mid-Late December Release*
Voluptuous Lesbian Soapland October 9 2014 QUEUED
Late December Release*
Pretty and Dominant Office Ladies October 31 2014 QUEUED
Early January Release*
Deep Kiss and Jerking in the Clothes Shop October 31 2014 QUEUED
Early-Mid January Release*
Penis Band with Yuuka Koizumi November 11 2014 QUEUED
Mid-January Release*
Super High Class Soap Championship November 11 2014 QUEUED
Mid-Late January Release*
Momi Momi Oppai Pub November 11 2014 QUEUED
Late January Release*
If You Were... November 11 2014 QUEUED
Max Girls November 11 2014 QUEUED
Dream of Two Lives November 11 2014 QUEUED
Ren Koino's Debut November 11 2014 QUEUED
Lesbian Clinic December 2 2014 QUEUED
Exotic Lesbian Spa December 18 2014 QUEUED
Lesbian Virginity with Haruka Mizuki December 18 2014 QUEUED
Real Amateur Wrestler Mizuho Kawasaki December 18 2014 QUEUED
Ballerina December 18 2014 QUEUED
Collection of Works ~ Ganari Takahashi December 18 2014 QUEUED
Zenra Swimming Championship December 18 2014 QUEUED
Anniversary Special December 18 2014 QUEUED

Member requested movies are accompanied by the status “QUEUED” or “IN PROGRESS”. If a movie is labeled “IN PROGRESS”, it signifies that subtitling is currently underway and the updated, subtitled version should be online for viewing in about a week.

If no member requested movie is labeled as “IN PROGRESS”, then work is currently underway on a future new movie update or a custom subtitle request.

*Anticipated release time frame. Listed dates are not set in stone.

Completed Subtitles
Movie Title Release Date
Big Breast Esthetic December 17 2014
Non Stop Orgasm Sex with Ryou Kiyohara December 15 2014
Sauna Ladies Undercover December 13 2014
Ayumi Kirishima Becomes a Soap Lady December 10 2014
Amateur Semen Shooter Watchers 2 December 8 2014
The Ward of Darkened Illusions December 6 2014
Working Girl Collection December 2 2014
Transparent Body with Anna Komukai November 25 2014
I Get to Watch a Lesbian Delivery Health November 22 2014
Face Sitting Body Esthetic November 19 2014
Accidentally Employed at Sex Toy Shop Instead of Regular Toy Shop November 15 2014
Women of the Hot Springs November 13 2014
New Half Soapland with Mina November 11 2014
The Shinobu Kasagi Playing Guide November 8 2014
Sauna Ladies 4 November 7 2014
Futanari Among Us November 1 2014
Kyouko Ayana Helps With Your Masturbation October 31 2014
Bunko Kanazawa Helps With Your Masturbation October 26 2014
Immoral Onsen Dalliance with Mana Funaki October 25 2014
Outdoor Play DX ~ Roshutsu October 22 2014
Schoolgirls Part-Time Penis Washing Service October 18 2014
Downtown Chaku Ero October 17 2014
Horny Service Industry Girls October 9 2014
Stimulation by Cock October 7 2014
An Authentic Nefarious Account October 4 2014
Sex Clinic Fan Appreciation Special October 1 2014
Dynasty Sacrifice with Rika Fujishita September 27 2014
Naked Statue September 26 2014
Turned On By Indecent Cosplay Pajamas September 20 2014
The Very Best of Akane Sakura September 17 2014
Naked in School HD Uncensored September 13 2014
Erina Toda Debut September 10 2014
Dirty Talking Schoolgirl Yuu Asakura September 3 2014
Emiri the Violinist ~The Route to Stardom via Martyrdom~ August 30 2014
Nana Natsume Helps You With Your Masturbation August 25 2014
Herbivorous Man Receives Surprise Fellatio August 23 2014
Ikinari (Suddenly) Sex August 20 2014
Special Anal Service Milf Massage Clinic for Men August 16 2014
Sauna Ladies Fan Appreciation Special August 14 2014
Kyouko Maki Harum Scarum Beachside Dalliance August 9 2014
Crotch Treatment Clinic August 7 2014
Fun with Uniformed Women August 4 2014
Perverted Private Parts Guessing Game ~Lesbians Edition~ August 2 2014
At Home Japanese Schoolgirl Bathing Service July 30 2014
A Strange Shade of Violet with Marin Aizawa July 26 2014
Best of Penis Care July 24 2014
Married Women Tekoki July 20 2014
Nudist Fans Home Delivery with Mei Kago July 19 2014
Maki Hojo Sauna Lady July 16 2014
A Day With Sauna Ladies July 12 2014
Anywhere Nudist with Rin Sakuragi July 9 2014
Confidence Lacking Man Masturbates in Front of Japanese Schoolgirls July 5 2014
Anal Lesbian Esthetic July 2 2014
The Method to Making Men Squirt (Previously 'Ladies Have Fun with Chinpo') June 30 2014
Tekoki Clinic Thank You Fans Day June 26 2014
Zenra Art Class June 23 2014
Embarrassed Shaven Folly with Miyuki Nonomura June 21 2014
Sauna Ladies June 17 2014
Lewd Fast Food June 14 2014
Zenra Artist Kirara Hoshino June 10 2014
Passionate Nudist Maid Starring Kyouko Takashima June 7 2014
Bako Bako Bus Tour 2006 ~Stark Naked Edition~ June 5 2014
Lecherous Old Men With Sexually Curious Japanese Schoolgirls May 31 2014
Outdoor Special 3 - Roshutsu May 29 2014
Special Women's Este May 26 2014
A Case of the Diabolical May 24 2014
Bako Bako Bus Tour 2009 May 19 2014
Amorous Lesbian Massage Returns May 17 2014
Female Employee Appreciation Day May 12 2014
Japanese Schoolgirls Hands-On Health Class Homework May 10 2014
Anytime Massage May 5 2014
Lesbians April 29 2014
Outdoors Exposure April 26 2014
Bulge at the Gym April 24 2014
The Penis Sculptor April 19 2014
A Study of the Penis by 100 Girls Redux April 15 2014
Tekoki Beauty Clinic April 13 2014
Azusa Nagasawa in Aggressive Orgasm April 12 2014
Zenra Ballet April 8 2014
Employee Super Sports Day April 6 2014
Voluptuous and Perverted Private Parts Guessing Game April 5 2014
Ero Puri March 30 2014
1000 Pump Nakadashi Challenge March 29 2014
Beautiful Amateurs Best Ranking March 25 2014
I Want to Try Watching at a Sento March 17 2014
Buruma Aoi in Indecent Unrestricted Copulation March 15 2014
Demonstrating Explosive Male Orgasms with Yui Matsuno (Previously 'Maki Hojo Helps You') March 13 2014
We Will Take Away Your Virginity (Previously 'Chinpo Teasing Gakuen 3') March 9 2014
Matrons Surprise Discovery of Sexually Naive Erections March 8 2014
Japanese Schoolgirls Who Look at Penises (Previously 'Clothed Female Naked Male') March 6 2014
The Sexy and Fun Variety AV Morning Show March 1 2014
Tekoki with Gyaru February 27 2014
Tekoki Clinic Volume 2 February 23 2014
CFNM One Fingered Handjobs February 22 2014
Japanese CFNM 13 ~Mixed Bathing Special~ February 17 2014
A Study of the Penis with Innocent Girls February 10 2014
I Will Do Anything To Be An Idol February 8 2014
Japanese Newhalf Teacher with Ruka Amane February 1 2014
CFNM Mokkori Penis Study January 31 2014
Penis Enlargement Training School January 25 2014
Female Body Examination January 22 2014
Pretty Girl Rental Shop January 19 2014
Japanese Schoolgirl Sensual Oil Massage January 18 2014
Bako Bako Bus Tour 2007 January 14 2014
Nudist Wife with Kana Oohara January 5 2014
Erotic Energy January 4 2014
Indecent String Bikini in Bathhouse January 4 2014
Private Parts Guessing Game December 28 2013
Ecstasy Tour Bus Guide with Kaho Kasumi December 27 2013
Dutch Wife Research December 25 2013
Hot Spring Reporters December 17 2013
Momoka Nishina Lesbian Fans Hot Springs Bus Tour December 14 2013
Outdoor Mixed Bathing Onsen December 11 2013
Accidental Insatiable Erection in Shower December 7 2013
Happy Living December 5 2013
Japanese Schoolgirls Masturbation Support Cafe November 30 2013
Phimosis Treatment Clinic November 29 2013
Bottomless Caretakers (Previously 'No Panties Care Staff') November 27 2013
Pure Land Soapland Harem November 20 2013
Ten Star Japanese Massage November 16 2013
Sex Education Show November 14 2013
Nami Shiraishi's Beach Party November 9 2013
Asami Yuma Delivery November 7 2013
Tekoki Clinic 4 November 3 2013
Chinpo Teasing Gakuen 4 October 27 2013
Naked Continent India October 26 2013
Chinpo Teasing Gakuen 2 October 23 2013
Fellatio Cleaning Ladies October 19 2013
Sexual Massage for Amateur Girls October 18 2013
Traffic Accident Leads to Indecent Apology at Hospital October 12 2013
The Human Farm October 10 2013
Best of Rin Tomosaki October 5 2013
Naked Chiropractic October 2 2013
Lesbian Hot Springs September 30 2013
I Became The Captive Of Horny Newscasters September 25 2013
Wife Becomes Nude Art Model While Indebted Husband Watches September 21 2013
Nana Sakura is a Futanari Schoolgirl September 18 2013
Massages Gone Wrong September 16 2013
Naked Transfer Student September 10 2013
Amorous Lesbian Massage September 7 2013
Thai Testicle Massage with Yui Asahina September 5 2013
Big Breast Bathhouse August 31 2013
Tekoki Clinic Volume Three August 29 2013
Ladies Sauna August 27 2013
A Group Of Lewd Women Occupy Your House August 22 2013
Tekoki Colosseum August 19 2013
My First Ejaculation Salon August 17 2013
A Study of the Penis by 100 Girls August 14 2013
Tekoki Clinic Special August 7 2013
Ero Ero Sports Festival August 4 2013
Bakobako Bus Tour Little Devils Edition August 3 2013
Remote Control Vibrator Club July 30 2013
Milking Semen Under the Blue Sky July 27 2013
Zenra Tag July 24 2013
Japanese Glamor Model Urara Inoue July 20 2013
Zenra Human Furniture July 20 2013
2 on 2 Volume Two July 17 2013
CFNM Health Insurance Cougars July 13 2013
Would You Wash a Penis? July 8 2013
We Could Be Best Friends July 4 2013
Sauna Ladies Free Trial Day For New Customers Special June 29 2013
Daruma-san Has Fell Down! (Previously 'The Drama Rolling Game') June 26 2013
Lust Harem June 22 2013
Ayami Shunka is a Nudist Maid June 22 2013
(Public Nudity) Puchi Roshutsu with Riko Tachibana June 17 2013
Can you go to an onsen only with a towel? Volume Two June 12 2013
Zenra Sports Series Volume 2 Redux June 9 2013
New Half Massage Clinic June 8 2013
Would You Go Into a Mixed Bathing Hot Spring Wearing Nothing? June 2 2013
Farts of Shy Japanese Girls May 30 2013
Addicted to Masturbation May 25 2013
Big Breast Post Office May 25 2013
Girl Controller Renewa with Riku Shiina May 20 2013
Sex Toy Saleswoman May 19 2013
Peach Butt Tower May 18 2013
Kyabakura Hot Springs (Previously 'Orgy at the Hot Spring') May 13 2013
Schoolgirl Sexual Oil Massage May 9 2013
Human Lotion Bowling May 4 2013
Kurumi Morishita in Semen Female Teacher May 2 2013
CFNM Tekoki Dojo April 29 2013
My First Time with Teacher April 27 2013
A Study of the Penis by Innocent Girls with Kissing April 23 2013
CFNM Chinpo Teasing Gakuen April 18 2013
Indecently Uniformed Supermarket Employees April 13 2013
CFNM Study of the Penis by Kyabakura Girls ~ Secret Version ~ April 11 2013
Japanese CFNM 12 April 9 2013
Half Naked School April 6 2013
Zenra Sports Championship April 1 2013
Stark Naked Emergency Safety Drills March 30 2013
120 Minutes of CFNM Penis Teasing March 26 2013
Dream Maid Mansion March 21 2013
Virgin Lesbian Volume One March 19 2013
Nationwide Penis Washing Showcase March 16 2013
Hand Job Penis Research by Japanese Students March 13 2013
Zenra Sports Series Volume 3 March 3 2013
Gyaru Appreciation Bus Tour ~Virgins Only Edition~ March 2 2013
Zenra Sports Series Volume 2 February 27 2013
Women Who Wash Penises February 23 2013
National Nude Day 2 February 20 2013
Naked in School 4 February 16 2013
Naked in School 3 February 13 2013
Bathhouse Rental Service February 9 2013
Naked in School 2 February 8 2013
Naked in School February 5 2013
Naked College February 1 2013
Steal Into Naked Girls Bed at Night January 27 2013
Extremely Erotic Celebrity Orgy January 26 2013
All Nude Weight Training January 26 2013
All Nude Aerobics January 24 2013
All Nude Swimming January 23 2013
National Nude Day January 19 2013
Kyonyu Fetish Fuzoku January 16 2013
Japanese Schoolgirl Sexual Oil Massage January 12 2013
The Other Side of the Stark Naked Orchestra January 10 2013
Japanese CFNM 16 January 4 2013
Japanese CFNM 14 December 31 2012
Lesbian Este Salon 2 December 29 2012
Japanese CFNM 8 December 27 2012
All Nude Audition December 25 2012
Would You Enter a Hot Spring With Only a Towel? Part 2 December 23 2012
Stimulation By Underwear December 19 2012
Full Body Bikini Massage December 15 2012
Would You Enter a Hot Spring With Only a Towel? December 13 2012
Kurumi Morishita and Nao Oikawa ~ Forest in Nude ~ December 8 2012
Having Sex in Front of Real Friends December 4 2012
Zenra Athlete Battle November 25 2012
CFNM Japanese Penis Washing Service November 24 2012
The Cutting Game November 11 2012
Wives in Debt November 10 2012
Hitomi Kitagawa Cleans Naked November 6 2012
Erotic Ballerina October 24 2012
Million Girls in the Magical Mystery Tour October 21 2012
Hotel Massages Gone Wrong October 20 2012
500 People Sex October 16 2012
Bako Bako Bus Tour 2011 (Gyaru Edition) October 13 2012
Lesbian Este Salon October 6 2012
Bus Travel with Cherry Boy October 1 2012
Naked in School 5 September 29 2012
2 on 2 September 26 2012
Fashion Check Quiz Game September 22 2012
Futanari Village September 15 2012
Penis Cleaning Service 3 September 15 2012
Totally Nude Young Mothers Volleyball September 15 2012
Stark Naked Orchestra September 15 2012
Half Zenra Life September 15 2012

Continuous Subtitles Update List

Big Breast EstheticSubtitled (December 17 2014)

A clinic opens in the rich suburbs of Karuizawa that caters to busty bisexual Japanese milfs along with an AV star with a fetish for massagers with subtitles.

Non Stop Orgasm Sex with Ryou KiyoharaSubtitled (December 15 2014)

A clinic opens in the rich suburbs of Karuizawa that caters to busty bisexual Japanese milfs along with an AV star with a fetish for massagers with subtitles.

Sauna Ladies UndercoverSubtitled (December 13 2014)

Sauna Ladies goes meta when the production company credited for their creation hears a rumor that they actually do exist and search for them with subtitles.

Ayumi Kirishima Becomes a Soap LadySubtitled (December 10 2014)

Voluptuous Japanese AV star Ayumi Kirishima embarrassed to be stark naked but tries her best to become a soapland queen with subtitles.

Amateur Semen Shooter Watchers 2Subtitled (December 8 2014)

Japanese amateur women with a bizarre gamut of sexual fetishes and frustrations gather for a bizarre CFNM penis appreciation meeting with subtitles.

The Ward of Darkened IllusionsSubtitled Uncensored HD(December 6 2014)

Occult weirdness of the highest order infects a hospital where the demonic meets the lewd in the form of lesbian nurses and more uncensored HD with subtitles.

Working Girl CollectionSubtitled (December 2 2014)

Japanese female employees of various job outfits find themselves combining their skills from the field with that of adult video with English subtitles.

Transparent Body with Anna KomukaiSubtitled (November 25 2014)

Fans of voluptuous Japanese women are in for something rare as Anna Komukai kind of bares all if see through clothing is what you enjoy with subtitles.

I Get to Watch a Lesbian Delivery HealthSubtitled (November 22 2014)

Set in POV and starring three groups of very aroused Japanese lesbian escorts who visit your home and do the naughty while you watch with subtitles.

Face Sitting Body EstheticSubtitled (November 19 2014)

Visit a unique massage clinic in Japan where all masseuses strip stark naked and rest on the faces of their clients during treatment with subtitles.

When requesting subtitles please include:

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