Young Wives Debt Payback Shame Game Part One

Don't Take Out Risky Loans!!!


Young Wives Debt Payback Shame Game
Part One with English Subtitles
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While more and more Japanese wield credit cards, for the most part they're still treated as charge cards.  In other words, the bills are more often than not paid up in full each month.  Still, you can call in beforehand if you can't pay on time to switch over to a high interest payment plan similar to how it works in the west.  Again, while credit cards have been in Japan for many years, it's only this last decade that has seen them go from something you may be able to use in a few very large establishments in big cities to something slightly more widespread.

And of course, even the fanciest credit card has its limits.  There always have been an abundance of ways to borrow money here from big banks to ATMs that are anonymous loan-borrowing stations (seriously) and of course, a whole smorgasbord of darker companies that ask the least questions, but come with the most strings attached.  Paying back loans--or rather, the ability NOT to pay one back in time has been the theme for many a JAV and the concept they're mainly based on--loan shark hell--is oh so very real.

ROCKET, in today and Friday's double update, took loan shark hell and made a wacky adult video about it.  It's probably safe to say that the game element that makes up the bulk of YOUNG WIVES DEBT PAYBACK SHAME GAME *probably* doesn't happen in real life.  Most of these smaller loan shark companies like the one Ushijima owns don't have the resources for something that crazy.  Still, leave it TEMPLE SUWA, one of the original 'crazy JAV' directors to come up with such an insane idea.

Like some of our previews updates by ROCKET, YOUNG WIVES DEBT PAYBACK SHAME GAME features almost nonstop nudity, but close to zero sexual play.  The 190 minute release may have 3 minutes of rimjobs and nipple licking, but it's done not for pleasure, but for shame.  Otherwise expect some truly abnormal 'missions' that combine oodles of creativity and some absolutely prurient vocabulary.

Japanese doesn't really have many words that you'd necessary have to bleep as we do in English, but that doesn't mean you can't concoct sentences that would earn you a scolding from an army of angry neighborhood grandmas.  At ZENRA, we try our hardest to keep translations literal and the majority of what you see in this double update is *exactly* what is said in Japanese.  Sure, in English there could be some even worse words to choose from, but what the two challengers belt out again and again is as far from ladylike as you can possibly get.

The reviews for SHAME GAME on a certain conglomerate Japanese VOD site are all great though due to ROCKET electing *not* to film a sequel, one has to wonder how the title did sales-wise.  It's long, the buildup is admittedly slow (the actual game doesn't start until you're 70 minutes in), and the near lack of sex may be a put-off for some.  I'd definitely say just as we opted to split SHAME GAME into two updates due to its size and complexity, it's probably a wise idea to watch this release with some breaks in between.  I do warn you that the final portion from 'perverted body graffiti' onward is some of the best filmed JAV suspense I've ever seen.  That portion at least should be watched in one sitting.

Here's hoping that ROCKET and other JAV makers sometimes will think totally outside of the box and put out more titles like YOUNG WIVES DEBT PAYBACK SHAME GAME.  Sex is great--we can all agree on that--but nonstop stark nudity and other types of perversion can make a great case that porn should be considered art.

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