Erotic Care for Bandaged Women

Nature vs Nurture or Something Truly Debaucherous?


Erotic Care for Bandaged Women
with English Subtitles


Read our exclusive interview with POOL CLUB, the production company behind this release!


There exists a strange long-term fetish called 'feederism' that is all about a dominant partner nurturing a submissive partner.  In this case, it's about having the one being nurtured--or the gainer--to literally gain weight.  Given the long-term requirements for this situation to truly flourish, there aren't really any adult videos about it, but there are a few examples that build off the nurturing concept and pervert it to great lengths.

The situations put to camera in EROTIC CARE FOR BANDAGED WOMEN, a superb yet twisted title by POOL CLUB serves as a great example of how to turn the concept of care-giving into something oh so very salacious.  It also manages to maintain a unique melancholy theme thanks in part to a plaintive piano-driven soundtrack that commences and concludes each of the six scenes.

Aside from the first scene which is more of a after-school sex promise gone awry, each encounter focuses on a male caretaker/boyfriend looking after his heavily bandaged girlfriend.  The fifth scene although similar in overall theme is more about a lascivious doctor having his way with an extremely bandaged up patient (who still managed to have her makeup skillfully applied).

Although each segment of play had the atmosphere of injury meets sex, it's hard to tell if the actresses were truly portraying injured women or the play within the production itself was simulated.  In other words, was each scene about two individuals acting out a nurturer fetish or were the injuries and yelps supposed to be realistic?  Even we're not sure, but perhaps this is one of those questions each viewer of BANDAGED WOMEN can answer for himself.

Full-on intercourse was absent from just about all the scenes.  In fact, from what we recall it only happened in the fourth one.  This is no jab at BANDAGED WOMEN.  What we saw instead was men trying hard to care for women in medical gauze from a medley of 'injuries' and saw passion take hold and demand quick release.  Two scenes featured bathroom play which is actually rather hard to film well, but LEGEND MUKAI, the director of this title and many others by both POOL CLUB and RADIX, knows how to keep a scene lit.  For the bathroom encounters, the lighting was done in a way to highlight the bandages and keep the room naturally aglow in a way we see many other AV titles fail at doing.

We really only found slight fault with the fourth scene featuring an actor (name not given) who has appeared in other titles  by RADIX and POOL CLUB.  Our problem is he constantly mumbles and talks too quietly.  This is at least our third encounter with him and we'd wish he'd either speak up and talk clearly or simply keep his mouth closed for the duration of his appearance.  In today's update, for reasons unexplained he opted to talk in a barely audible whisper throughout the entire scene making it essentially impossible to subtitle.  Thus on that note, we do apologize for the lack of translation in scene four.  We tried, but forensic-level subtitling is something we are unable to do at ZENRA.

Otherwise, EROTIC CARE FOR BANDAGED WOMEN is an incredibly unique release by some very creative minds.  Sex may be mainly absent, but other types of erotic play are there in droves and the nurture fetish was wonderfully represented.  POOL CLUB released a sequel to this title and given enough demand, we may consider licensing it for a future update.  Please let us know if you want to see it as it's not everyday you're able to see attractive Japanese women bandaged up for bizarre sexual play.


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