My Discovery of Naive Kami-chan

A First Time for Anything.

My Discovery of Naive Kami-chan
with English Subtitles


Many a JAV maker of late has lamented about the reduction in schoolgirl titles.  Some of it may be industry standards;  sometimes the self-regulatory bodies will go down harder on some themes and it looks like teen titles (especially ones featuring actresses in schoolgirl uniforms) are currently getting the kibosh.  The other issue--one that even makers may not realize is happening--is the gradual aging of Japan's population.

Even amongst ZENRA's subscribers, we've been seeing an increased taste less for schoolgirl and teen titles and more for married women.  This author prefers the concept of cheating wives secretly doing JAV regardless of the title's overall theme.  This means updates like today's, MY DISCOVERY OF NAIVE KAMI-CHAN, an #ClassicJAV release by GUTS, isn't exactly something I'd eagerly watch and know.

It's a good title though a bit of an oddball.  As some may soon notice, it features nearly no dialog.  And yes, yes, we're a subtitled Japanese AV site but still, sometimes our own subtitlers need a light day once in awhile.  Movies like this one serve as a needed respite and as we have been shifting gears into more group-oriented affairs that take more time to work on, a once in a blue moon update like this is warranted.

KAMI-chan is a cutie.  You can't deny that.  Sadly she's billed simply as 'Kami-chan'.  No last name is given and if she's like other faces of the early 2000's, I wouldn't be surprised if her career as a JAV star was short-lived.  Perhaps she did this and a few other titles before calling it a day.  Mind you, she's still a young woman.  Being in her early 20's when this was filmed makes her still somewhere well under 40 today.  I wonder how she looks back at this time--back when she was a true blue defiled schoolgirl.  As this is a release all about taking someone innocent and exposing it to unabashed sexuality...

...and that at least was done rather well.

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