Sakura Nemoto - Ano Ne...

On a Lazy Summer Day...

Sakura Nemoto - Ano Ne...
with English Subtitles

It's the summer (well, technically I'm writing this in the winter, but whatever) and it's the time when us older folk love to reminisce of days long past.  It's the time when people lounge around in the afternoon listening to wind chimes and chugging down ramune after ramune.  It's a time when school's in session (summer vacation's only in August) so just imagine all those young schoolgirls in their skirts hiked up past regulation length.  Imagine them sweaty, but in an ambrosial way.  Imagine all the things they can be taught if you had an afternoon of one-on-one time with one.  An eager one of course.  One willing to learn.  One willing to be very, very naughty.  One who's docile, but most importantly:  malleable.

That there's the theme for the long-running ANO NE… series by GUTS.  We've shown quite a few already such as this gem starring MOMO HAYAKAWA and this extremely popular one with JURI SHIBAZAKI.  Now neither of these two are probably well-known names.  Even if you were a JAV aficionado back in the early 2000's when GUTS was still pumping these titles out, you'd be hard-pressed to recognize these actresses.  While MOMO did star in a few titles after and MINAKI SAOTOME went on to becoming a lesbian director, the rest including today's star, SAKURA NEMOTO, were mainly fresh-faced actresses who dabbled a bit in adult video before fleeing back into normalcy.

SAKURA NEMOTO actually debuted with this title and only did a handful more all with schoolgirl themes before retiring (if you can call it that).  Perhaps JAV and her weren't cut out out for each other?

While the production quality is not superb by any means, I'm at least a huge fan of this series.  In fact, as I've wrote in many other reviews for '#ClassicJAV' titles, I'm a *huge* fan of early 2000's JAV.  Thankfully we have access to a huge amount of it, but I'm also aware that a respectable number our subscribers enjoy the present more.  You can't go wrong with larger budgets and enhanced picture quality, but mosaic was definitely riskier back in the day.  Even in ANO NE… the pixelation was somewhat large, but it also was very thin.  I don't think you'll see titles in today's rocky climate attempt what was shown in this movie.

As many of you are fans of docile Japanese schoolgirls being trained, a release such as this one should hit the sweet spot--literally and metaphorically.  As it involves a scene featuring various candy inserted into certain orifices (and before that ramune and marbles!), your sweet tooth along with your hard-on should find solace with the on-screen defilement of one questionably innocent SAKURA NEMOTO.

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