Ruka Uehara - Fascination With Youth

Sexual Play with Twists Here and There

Ruka Uehara - Fascination With Youth
with English Subtitles


Today's update, FASCINATION WITH YOUTH, is definitely one of the stranger single-woman vehicle titles we've shown recently.  And yes, 'showing recently' does not mean this is a brand spanking new JAV release.  As with many of our mid-week updates, this one's a bona fide 'classic JAV' title originally released well over a decade ago by lesser-known production company GUTS.  We licensed out their entire library some time ago and will be opening up that Japanese AV time capsule from time to time in order to show off some of the more unique features of what many in the industry consider to be the Golden Age of AV.

RUKA UEHARA in today's update pretty much does what CHIHIRO HASEGAWA did in a very similar one we added to ZENRA some time ago.  In fact, I believe both are from the exact same series and thus follow a similar format.  RUKA's update--today's update--is unique in that it's very, very long.  This may be the longest update we'll ever show by GUTS given its 144 minute runtime (!).

Outside of compilation re-releases, titles back then usually didn't go past the 2 hour mark so seeing this one breeze right by that was eyebrow-raising.  However, FASCINATION WITH YOUTH definitely feels like it could have benefited with some tighter editing.  Two scenes--a masturbation one and a massager stimulation one after a wrestling match (yes, a wrestling match)--both run longer than needed.  Cutting both of these down--especially the massager one as RUKA pretty much remains clothed the entire time--would have resulted in a smoother viewing experience and less of a bloated total runtime.

Still, editing lapses aside, if you're a fan of 'innocent' JAV schoolgirls being the targets and leaders of some abnormal sexual play, you can't go wrong with an update like this.  The second scene in particular all about a 'delivery soapland' service is fantastic and it's nice to see such an innocent actress take the lead.  The majority of the time these more 'youthful' JAV stars stay entirely on the defensive and are fantastic at playing dead fish.  RUKA has charisma and she fortunately had ample opportunities in FASCINATION WITH YOUTH to show it off.

You'll also see a very familiar actor here who still remains active to this very day in many of the HOT ENTERTAINMENT movies we show (and will be showing!).  Some fans are jealous of more well-known actors who get to have sex with bigger names, but this author at least is more in awe of actors like the one in today's update--SOUTA ASAMI--who more often than not both then and now is partnered up with women new to the industry.  He also gets to star in a lot of fantastic FFM threesomes and STILL gets to bang famous JAV stars too.  Sorry for the mild rant, but damn do some people get *all* the luck!

More defiled schoolgirls titles just like today's are on the way.  This is one genre of JAV that you'll never see dry up.  It's the backbone of the industry; its bread-and-butter.  When studios are not sure what to show, they push hard for the 'breaking' of innocence and there's always actresses like RUKA UEHARA there to fill that need.

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