Emi-chan's Afterschool Education

Japanese Schoolgirl Compensated Dating in Action

Emi-chan's Afterschool Education
with English Subtitles


Some say JAV makers creating movies based on the enjokousai or 'compensated dating' is essentially producing porn with easy mode turned on.  So long as you cast a cute and young actress and pair her up with an older perverted man (or men as was done in today's update), you're bound to make a quick buck.

We don't necessarily disagree with this, though there definitely are 'good' enjokousai titles and ones that are just OK.  And on that note and remaining truthful, EMI-CHAN'S AFTERSCHOOL EDUCATION via GUTS is an OK 'compensated dating' title.  I'll admit we've shown better, but the actress who plays this class-cutting Japanese schoolgirl makes up for it with her adorable looks along with not being an entire dead fish through the title's 90+ minute runtime.

GUTS has flirted many a time with this theme and in past updates there's been a bit variance.  It would have been nice to see something that took place outside of the hotel room.  Perhaps an outdoor scene or something at home.  Unfortunately, possibly due to time constraints, budget constraints, or who knows what else, the hotel is what we get.

It's used well though.  In fact, one of the more bizarre scenes features a type of tissue play I've never seen outside of Japan:  sneezing on command.  I believe we've shown this once before in title all about tickle torture and here it's shown again though EMI-chan's two 'friends' go overboard to the point where she's dribbling liquid snot.  Fans of weirdness in JAV may love it, but others...not so much.

Brownie points are given for the beginning as the 'deai-kei' concept really does exist.  Many a schoolgirl will post her info on these underground sites looking for quick meetups.  On top of this, there's dating cafes where with the aid of a 'magic mirror' (one-way mirror), girls can sit and relax while guys scope them out.  If they find one who suits their fancy, you 'rent' her for an hour or so.  Usually this is totally platonic, but of course 'side deals' are often made and that brings us back full circle to EMI-chan, selling her 'time' to men in hotel rooms.  It's dating...compensated and today's update certainly won't be the last time we show it!

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