Lost Maidenhood of Rimi-chan

The Dream of Many an Otaku

Lost Maidenhood of Rimi-chan
with English Subtitles


We love it when we encounter Japanese AV production companies that do little bit of everything.  It's a given that most of them will have certain genres they're most known for and those being their most profitable are generally what they will release the most.  However, it's great to see these same companies taking risks by sometimes pushing out something that's outside of their comfort zone.  A recent example is how HOT ENTERTAINMENT may be mostly known as maker of nanpa titles, but usually every month or so they'll throw a major curve ball with a movie such as this.

GUTS when it still was an active maker also followed suit.  In fact, their output was so varied, it's hard to really pinpoint them to one definite genre.  In any given month, you'd have JAV star showcase titles, CFNM teasing ones, and of course updates like todays involving some very defiled schoolgirls.  Perhaps it was due to this variety that fate didn't look too kindly upon them and they eventually closed shop around 2007.  Perhaps being so varied made it hard to develop a singular dedicated fanbase.  Who knows!

We're fortunate though that we had the opportunity to license out their entire 200+ title back catalog as it gives us a great opportunity to constantly open up a rather special JAV time capsule in order to take out titles such as LOST MAIDENHOOD OF RIMI-CHAN.

This release follows in the footsteps of previous titles from the same series like this one.  Expect a very cute and young Japanese AV star fresh in the industry and expect her to remain nearly mute.  Expect her to put on her best 'dead fish' act and if you're wishing for an actress putting forth more charisma, then you might as well skip today's update.

LOST MAIDENHOOD, like other titles in the same series, does have some semblance of a story.  This one's pretty weird and definitely far into the perverted spectrum of play.  It features a trio of otaku shown in the beginning crudely drawing their ideal woman before one decides to go out for a walk.  Lo and behold, he finds her!  He finds their nearly mute schoolgirl dream girl and she agrees to go home with him.  What follows--and what makes up the bulk of LOST MAIDENHOOD--is a collection of scenes of single and group play where men with a severe lack of sexual experience (and social etiquette) give and receive a smorgasbord of perversions with naive RIMI-chan.

The actress, unfortunately, was only credited as 'RIMI'.  We wonder if this was her first and only JAV release or if she did other titles with a different stage name.  Sometimes it's the case where a new actress would do a few titles with alternate stage names before finally making an official name for herself.  Other times studios may be able to hire more well known actresses if they don't use their stage name (or just part of it like this release from last month).

LOST MAIDENHOOD OF RIMI-CHAN may be one of those titles that not everyone is fond of.  We're sure of it.  But it still brings something unique to the table and we think fans of 'defilement' will feel at home in a release like this.  The ending--that we have made into a free preview--should serve as an easy way to tell if LOST MAIDENHOOD's something you may enjoy or prefer to save for a rainy day.

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