Non Kuraki - The Time We Spent Together...

What Will She Tell Her Friends the Next Day?

Non Kuraki - The Time We Spent Together...
with English Subtitles


Today, GUTS once again tackles JAV's most repeated trope, but does it in a way that oozes the defilement of youth like nobody's business.  It's time again for another update from their (in?)famous 'ANO NE...' series that we've already featured many a time and will continue to show for some time yet.

Basically most times when we show updates by this "Classic JAV" studio, outside of the general theme of the update ('schoolgirl', 'milf', 'CFNM', etc.), we'll pick a title randomly.  This time around we wanted a schoolgirl update and randomly found ourselves selecting today's update starring NON KURAKI, a short-lived (as an AV star, not a person--she's still alive and well I think!) who looked an awful lot like an owl.  A cute owl mind you, but once you see it...

One of the first things I noticed when working on THE TIME WE SPENT TOGETHER… was just how much risks production companies were taking way back when it came to mosaic.  Nowadays, the bar has been raised for form-fitting pixelation, but it was altogether thinner back then.  Mosaic thickness generally moves in waves and I'm sad to say that due to the multitude of recent events both in Japan's censored and uncensored industries, many studios have once again opted for self-regulate with thicker mosaic to avoid making the situation any worse than it is already.  Take a look at any movie by a large production company released from the late fall of 2016 onward and you'll see what I mean.

THE TIME WE SPENT TOGETHER…is the first release in GUTS' 'ANO NE...' Japanese schoolgirl defilement series so it's a bit rough around the edges.  It's still filmed mostly in POV, but lacks the 'lazy summer of yesteryear perverted daydream' vibe later releases like MOMO HAYAKAWA's have.  It feels a bit more straight-forward sadistic, but the recipe that was improved upon in future releases such as the inclusion of salacious candy and soda play was present.

One of our favorite situations happened at the tail end of the first segment (which we've also included as the trailer for this update!) featuring NON KURAKI slowly meandering down a street.  A downtrodden Japanese schoolgirl walking in public by itself is not too weird.  What made this situation all the more abnormal was how an old school toy was attached to her up between the legs.  What's more, it was attached via a tampon.  WHAT'S MORE, the tampon was holding in soda that was filled into her womanhood almost to the brim.  I hope NON's contract for this release include a paid-for doctor's visit!

We're aware that today's update is not a recent title.  That's fine by us and hopefully fine for you as well.  We don't think the old should be forgotten so we try our hardest to dedicate a good portion of our Wednesday updates to older Japanese AV titles.  It's a neat way to keep on reaching back into that porno time capsule and give these titles another time to shine and this time shine right since we're the first ones adding English subtitles to them.  We're going to keep on adding 'Classic JAV' titles and we certainly hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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