Izumi Hoshikawa - When We Were Together...

Defilement at the Nearest Love Hotel

Izumi Hoshikawa - When We Were Together...
with English Subtitles


We've covered the concept of enjoukousai quite a few times.  I'm pretty sure when writing these reviews for the Defiled Schoolgirls section of ZENRA, I'm oft to mention the concept almost every single time.  For that, at least, I do apologize for frequent readers may be becoming disgruntled about hearing yet again about Japan's long-running, still-standing, and going-nowhere compensated dating industry staffed heavily by women with "JK" status (you're going to have to look that one up on your own).

Many an AV title has picked up on this theme both back in the day (ie, when today's update was originally shot) and still now.  The genre is far from dead no matter what naysayers may be chanting in the village square.  If there's one thing a majority of adult video fans like, it's young women acting extremely docile and innocent.  Those traits mixed together equate to a salacious smorgasbord of enjoyment that's shown near perfectly in WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER…

IZUMI HOSHIKAWA remains far from a household name and I don't blame you for not knowing her.  It was nigh on impossible finding information about her given her extremely short stint as an AV star.  Even calling her a 'star' is pushing it as she did barely a dozen titles and some of those were just compilations.  Sometimes the industry turns one's erotic curiosities into one's vocations and other times--such as IZUMI's--it was just a quick chance to test the waters before making a covert exit.

WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER… is another title in GUTS' Ano ne... (translating to 'Hey...') series of schoolgirl defilement titles.  We've shown several already and this is the first one that doesn't take place in that archaic/traditional (your pick, I prefer the former personally) Japanese house.  Since it's filmed mainly in a love hotel, it lacks that nostalgic summertime feel that other titles in the series have.

However, the actual type and amount of extremely perverted play remains just about the same.  'Ano ne...' titles are not about beautiful enjoyment of sexual coupling.  They're far, far from that.  One can imagine them being movies about old men hiring schoolgirls for a day's worth of highly prurient sexual play.

Everyone's favorite 'marble moment'--where the old man inserts countless numbers of glass marbles into the exposed slit of his very naked schoolgirl plaything remain in WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER… but this time they're replaced with buttons.  We're not sure why the change as marbles make even better objects for this type of perversion, but the buttons were big and effective.

Since IZUMI HOSHIKAWA plays a schoolgirl who remains almost entirely mute for the title's 80 minute runtime, we couldn't really assign her any personality traits.  I mean she nails the docile role down to a T, but given that she plays someone so viciously malleable, she also doesn't leave much of a lasting impression.  This definitely holds true for other defiled schoolgirls we've shown in the past.  MOMO HAYAKAWA is the surefire exception as we saw her really opened up in a certain public nudity title released a bit after her own bout of defilement.

GUTS really enjoyed their schoolgirl titles and we've tons more that we'll show in good time.  Some are continuations of the 'Ano ne...' motif while others are a bit more realistic like this one we showed earlier this year.  What they all have in common are the casting of younger women in their late teens and early twenties.  Japanese fans can be very fickle and they don't want to see older, more experienced women taking on the roles of schoolgirls.  That'd spoil the fun.

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