Yuu-chan Wants to be an Idol

The Path to Success is Sex


Yuu-chan Wants to be an Idol
with English Subtitles


Sometimes when we choose updates, we'll have a studio in mind and possibly a slight genre/model type we're looking for, but otherwise may randomly select a title from the directory where we store their movies.  Today this was the case with our GUTS update that was selected purely by blind luck out of 200 or so remaining choices.  YUU-CHAN WANTS TO BE AN IDOL not only stars an actress who somehow manages to look even cuter on video than her portrayal on the box cover, but contains ample amounts of ENF and CMNF moments along with a seedy idol hopeful fantasy come true.

We wish we knew YUU's full stage name (if she had one) as we'd love to dig more into her AV history to find out what else she's done (assuming she filmed more than this).  As it stands now, we're considering her a one-off rarity who starred in a fantastic title alongside SOUTA ASAMI, an actor who has been having sex with beautiful women on camera for decades.  His name *was* an enigma to us for a long time, but after noticing his frequent appearance in HOT ENTERTAINMENT titles, we fired an email over to our contact there and received his information.

We like him and he knows how to charm women, but of course 99.9% of those watching a title like this care little for what he does and simply want to see more and more of naive YUU-chan.

This lengthy for the time release follows the story of a young Japanese woman probably only months past her high school graduation who wants to become a famous idol.  One of the first things she needs to do is to have a photo-shoot done which would then theoretically be used to 'sell' her to prospective companies.  Her somewhat skeevy manager passes her over to SOUTA ASAMI whose role for the bulk of this update is a very passionate photographer.

The shoot starts off tame, but a swimsuit change continues with suggestive stripping that leaves YUU-CHAN stark naked only minutes after it has begun.  She's embarrassed and naked, but wants to be an idol so badly that she'll do anything...!

What follows is various types of debauchery from suggestive touching during the photo-shoot to various acts of lewdness featuring a few bouts of sex and everything in between.  YUU is insanely cute, has breasts that perfectly fit her body-type, and has pale skin with a reddish hue that's essentially flawless.  She's adorable on every count imaginable and yes we're rambling and repeating ourselves, but we hope we encounter her again.  Women like her don't appear in Japanese AV that often!

The storyline of YUU-CHAN WANTS TO BE AN IDOL may seem very AV'ish, but we bet it really does happen in real life.  Almost certainly AKB48 hopefuls or women with similar desires for fame via becoming a talent shed their purity image and do whatever's necessary to fuel their path to fame.  Riches may come later (or never), but for now being a known name is all that matters.  Attention is wanted and it's dangling like a prize that's out of the reach of many except those who can eagerly spread their legs in private when in the company of men with connections.  YUU-chan took the bait and as we see in the conclusion, is not only successful, but has no qualms about pushing the right buttons for even more prosperity.

Quick note and apology to conclude this review:  there were a few instances where for the life of us we could note make our what SOUTA was saying.  He's a great actor, but does sometimes talk too quietly for the mic to pick up his dialog.  If we can make out 'enough', we may guesstimate his lines when we add English subtitles, but there were a few instances where even this was not possible so our apologies ahead of time for a small number of instances where captioning is not provided.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 730
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