Kaori Schoolgirl Sex Diary

Cherubic Japanese Schoolgirl Compensated Dating

Kaori Schoolgirl Sex Diary
with English Subtitles


The nefarious Japanese concept of 'compensated dating' (or 'enjoukousai') gained much popularity of a negative kind in the very early aughts.  With technology constantly improving and making gadgets smaller, more and more of Japan's youth found themselves with cell phones in their pockets.  And pre-smartphone Japanese mobile phones were considered the best of the best:  full color screens were a given years before they appeared in the west and internet connectivity was standard almost from the get-go.

Japan may still lag behind other countries when it comes to modern internet implementation, but they were part of the early online bubble in their own unique and yes, isolated ways.  There were (and still are) many sites that are mainly a text-only nightmare to unaccustomed eyes that are all about people 'connecting'.  Years--decades even--before matchmaking sites like Tinder and OKCupid came into being, Japan had its fair share of hookup sites known as 'deai-kei' sites.  Heck, even before most users were big on mobile phones, there already was an established anonymous hookup method in the form of 'Telephone Clubs' which still exist to this day.

With all this said, yes, some schoolgirls of questionable upbringing were using them to meet guys many years their senior and yes, they did it to make way more than they'd ever make working regular part-time jobs.

KAORI is one such girl.  A high school senior a few months away from graduating who agreed to meet an older gentleman.  The deal was to sell her uniform to him for 40,000 yen (around $400USD).  Of course their conversation in a love hotel (where else would they meet?) becomes raunchier as time goes on and he lays down the offer to pay way more than that if they can spend some more private time together.  This amongst all else is 'compensated dating' at its core.

It's almost like escort work since the woman is selling her time to the highest bidder.  What happens during that time is not guaranteed however.  Sexual acts are not explicitly offered to stay within the confines of the law.

KAORI doesn't give her life story and we never ask for it, but we do know she's interested in attending a vocational school for fashion after she graduates.  She's had boyfriends and is no virgin though she's still not as experienced as her friends.  She also has never had a man finish inside her--something that may or may not happen at the climax of this GUTS title's final scene.

An AV star KAORI may not be, but that's only a plus in a title like this all about a 'real' schoolgirl doing something that's definitely against regulations.  Titles like this are still made.  In fact, DREAM TICKET, one of our partners, makes a very long-running series that pretty much carries the same theme as KAORI'S SCHOOLGIRL SEX DIARY, only with longer runtimes and admittedly shot with a bit more finesse (not to mention it being in Full HD).

Titles of an enjoukousai theme are pretty common in the GUTS library of work and many make up the updates we have in our Defiled Schoolgirls section of ZENRA.  We love them and they're incredibly popular in Japan due to so many fans preferring amateurs who give off naivety mixed with innocence with a smidgen of sexual curiosity.  I wouldn't be surprised if some of those fans were actual teachers living out dreams oh so very unregulation-like.

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