Haruka Nishiyama in Hey...

More Marbles and A Lot More Ramune

Haruka Nishiyama in Hey...
with English Subtitles


As you get older, you probably have more and more nostalgic moments.  You know, yearning about the past...the good ol' days when things were simpler because wasn't that the case?  Before smartphones, before pagers even.  When everyone you knew lived in houses mainly with tatami flooring.  When afterschool candy didn't have brand names on them.  When said candy was sold in tiny shops staffed by neighborhood obaachan (grandmas).  This can be considered Japan's nostalgic past.  The days of the Showa Era long gone by.  And Japan, with its increasingly aged population has an immense amount of fans of AV who equally yearn for titles that allow them to experience once again bits and pieces of their former lives.

With the 'ANO NE...' series by GUTS, the past is brought back into focus while combining it with the extreme defilement of schoolgirls.  'ANO NE...' can be translated as 'HEY...' and as some of our sharper fans may have noticed, we've named other titles in this series with synoymoms for it.  As of writing this, there's at least three prior updates we've put online from the same series:  one with JURI SHIBAZAKI, another with AV legend MINAKI SAOTOME (edit:  sorry, but we had to remove this one because one of her billing providers thought it was too 'hard'!), and also one with the cherubic MOMO HAYAKAWA.

Today it's HARUKA NISHIYAMA's turn for full-body defilement.  Although her title was actually the second to last one released in this series, we've still more to show at ZENRA.  We've licensed out GUTS' entire library of work and there's 10 titles in the 'ANO NE...' series so expect another six updates on the way and if you're a fan of Showa Era sex-play like we are, expect great things.

HARUKA is really cute.  We love her look and she nails the schoolgirl uniform.  However, we were a bit crestfallen about this release since no candy was used.  Previous updates all had what we can only call lewd and cloy candy play involving inserting various edibles into areas where they really don't belong.  For some reason we are not privy to, HARUKA NISHIYAMA's time as a docile schoolgirl only had ramune play.  It may have been a request by the model, but given the many novel uses for the ramune bottle and its contents used in today's update, we find that hard to imagine.

They made good use of that carbonated drink though.  We saw her drinking it while being bound and another bottle was emptied right into her cut open swimsuit.  We really hope there was some produciton wizardry where the ramune liquid was replaced with something safer such as water as emptying soda into oneself cannot be healthy.  We warn any urologist subscribers to skip this update to avoid mixing work and pleasure.

One strange positive that we have *rarely* encountered in a censored Japanese AV title, but we discovered by chance in 'HEY...' is a MOSAIC MISTAKE.  Yes, for one very special key frame during one of the ramune insertion scenes, mosaic around HARUKA's spread legs was *totally* absent.  We've included it in one of the screenshots, but please be aware it's literally only a frame long and unless you pop the movie into a video editing program, you'll miss it for sure.  Mishaps like these almost never happen and one of the things ethics companies do is to ensure the proper placement of mosaic.  Of course it's not like they're previewing movies on a per-frame basis so once in a blue moon when the planets align just right...

One last note:  compared to other updates from the same series, the off-camera host was a bit more gregarious in this title.  To make matters worse, either the sound guy was M.I.A. (or they just didn't have one to begin with) as he very often was hard to hear.  We had to take a few liberties with the subtitles and guestimate a few things he was saying based on context and surrounding dialog.  Accuracy is something we always try for at ZENRA, but forensic-level subtitling is something we're not setup for.  At the end of the day, if a native speaker cannot even make out what's being said, then there's only so much that can be done.

HARUKA NISHIYAMA aside from this title had a relatively short career.  We noticed she starred a few more times as a schoolgirl including in a nice title by GOGOS.  It's a pretty old release from over a decade ago so that along with other movies by her probably won't be shown on ZENRA unless we really go gung-ho with pushing more classic updates...

...which could happen if we discover more good folk out there who want to experience the colorful past of Japanese AV with English subtitles.

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