African American Boss Confronts Shoplifting Japanese Schoolgirls

What Happens in the Break Room...


African American Boss Confronts Shoplifting Japanese Schoolgirls
with English Subtitles

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You can get far in Japan as a foreigner.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Yes, yes, there's the stereotypical English teacher route that many take and frankly, if your passion truly is teaching, then more power to you.  However for some of us, being asked by Japanese strangers 'where we teach' can be rather offensive if we've taken other routes in our lives as expats.  I've been tempted to answer that question with a 'what sushi restaurant do you work at?' rejoinder many a time, but politeness has always (and thankfully) got the best of me.

It's called 'honme' and 'tatamae' when you may truly think something else, but act upon what's socially acceptable.  The Japanese do it in droves--heck, robotic politeness is almost a national past-time--but when snags make the well-oiled machine come to a stop, sharp claws are exposed to prey upon the source of abnormality.

Even stores that cater to one's sexuality--you know, adult toy stores and video shops--have a very upstanding front.  The staff just like anywhere else treat customers with nearly atavistic respect, but in this day in age when the youth are rebelling almost as much as their 1960's counterparts, having a high-tech loss prevention system in place is critical.  After all, the most viable way to catch a shoplifter is spotting them in the act backed by real hard evidence.

This is what happens today in this older, but still eyebrow-raisingly good title by  It's called the very literal AFRICAN-AMERICAN BOSS CONFRONTS JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL SHOPLIFTERS and stars African-American boss.

We're not 100% sure he is American, but going by his accent, we're put money on it.  We can say with solid certainty he's not one of the Nigerian posse you see in many other 'black man' AV titles.  Everything about him screams 'the states' so we'll let the title stand.  Here, this gentleman somehow skipped the English-teaching route in spite of not knowing much Japanese and landed on two feet as the boss/manager of a certain adult goods store.

And you know what he detests more than anything?  People who make his expensive security camera system a necessity:  shoplifters!

They're a natural necessity to any store and in today's update we see two instances of it by two young and daring Japanese schoolgirls.  The first is played by HIBIKI OTSUKI and yes, again, this is NOT a new title.  We see her here in her gyaru'ish AV debut persona when all her hair was long and her trademark bangs and natural black locks were still a few years away.  I almost didn't even realize it was her at first when initially previewing the title.  However, once her top was dropped, you couldn't hide her northern Japan 'Amanishiki tits'.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN BOSS was a unique title to work on and admittedly was rather easy from a subtitling perspective as dialog we had to caption was only in the first portions of both scenes.  In this portion, the Japanese staff member confronted each schoolgirl and performed a quick inspection of her belongings before hailing his boss.

Once the boss arrived, dialog from him was 99.9% English and the schoolgirls pretty much became mute with shock aside from the random sputterings of 'gomen nasai!' (I'm sorry).

The boss is angry that such 'innocent' schoolgirls would steal from his store (and oh boy, does he say this a lot!).  He also is determined to ensure they aren't hiding anything else so expect impromptu full body searches for more potentially lifted goods before--and why not?--naughty and rough sex in the break room filmed with his very own security cameras.

Interracial and ZENRA do not mix often and we're expecting a few negative emails from this release.  Yes, we know not everyone is into these kinds of movies, but variety is the spice of life so if you fall into the category of someone who prefers his Japanese AV Japanese-only, then just stick around as pretty much all updates at ZENRA fulfill that requirement.  However, we do have at least a half dozen more updates planned by that feature foreign actors doing the deed-of-deeds with Japanese women.  Some are black like today's actor, but we've others with Caucasians, Middle-Easterners, and even a gentleman from India on the way.  

Defiled schoolgirl homestays anyone?  :)

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