Well-Endowed Kaoru Oshima Finds Employment at a Sexy Izakaya

A Cross-Dressing Title That Has Something For Everyone!


Well-Endowed Kaoru Oshima Finds Employment at a Sexy Izakaya
with English Subtitles


We're well aware that the majority of ZENRA subscribers and fans prefer their adult video focusing on heterosexual lovemaking (and lesbian too!).  We also know there are also a large amount of 'quiet' fans of newhalf titles as well.  Our previous releases have always quickly became popular and we very frequently see new subscribers coming from parts of the world where male same-sex relationships are frowned upon.

Being an adult video site, it would be silly and immature for us to be against LGBT relationships, but we do know that if we focused too much on content with these themes--especially 'gay' content, we'd upset quite a few people.  This is one of the reasons why our updates featuring newhalfs and cross-dressers are not as common as they could be

With that said, it's been some months since our last update and yes, that one along with today's both star the same ACTOR*, KAORU OSHIMA.  If you couldn't tell already, we're rather fond of Japan's (current) most famous cross-dresser.  We're also a bit saddened to say that unless our licensing deals in the future include relationships with GLORY QUEST or REAL WORKS, today's update will be the *final* one we show featuring KAORU OSHIMA.

This is it folks!  We have more newhalf and cross-dressing planned of course, but they probably won't be featuring this increasingly famous part of Japan's televised tarento circle.  KAORU OSHIMA has gone mainstream--a rarity for someone with AV roots.

We saved the best for last and her time with us today in WELL-ENDOWED KAORU OSHIMA FINDS EMPLOYMENT AT A SEXY IZAKAYA is a fantastic FHD title by HOT ENTERTAINMENT that really does have something for everyone.

We're also really surprised to see HOT ENTERTAINMENT put out a title like this.  The majority of their releases (counting their sister label BULLITT are focused on nanpa.  We do notice that maybe once every month or two they'll throw curve balls with titles that aren't necessarily about the seduction of amateur women.  And even once in a blue moon you'll see a title like this that are certifiably as far from 'reality' as you can get.

Quick note:  the title does refer to KAORU working in an izakaya.  This *does* happen, but only about an hour of the 140 minute runtime is dedicated to actual restaurant mischief.  The bookends are done in private settings with the first starring her and MU-TAN, HOT's go-to boytoy and the conclusion again features him along with a very fresh-faced AV star whom we first saw working at the izakaya.

Pranks play a key role in the bulk of this title!  KAORU finds work at a izakaya, but it's a 'sexy izakaya'.  If you're not familiar with the Japanese water industry, there are establishments called hostess clubs and one of their off-shoot are cabaret clubs staffed usually by younger girls who rather just get an hourly pay in lieu of commission.  Some cabaret clubs--or kyabakura--are of the 'sexy' variety where girls show more skin (or go topless!) and mutual touching from the waist up is allowed.  'Sexy' izakayas do NOT exist, but it's nice to see the concept of one being played out in today's update.

WELL-ENDOWED KAORU OSHIMA FINDS EMPLOYMENT AT A SEXY IZAKAYA really is a wonderful title that covers pretty much all bases.  One of our own criticisms of previous newhalf/cross-dresser titles we've been showcasing have been the focus only on men.  This time there are two scenes dedicated to KAORU being intimate with women.  The last does also feature MU-TAN, but part of the scene is dedicated to KAORU taking the lead while he sits back and watches.  

Not all releases are perfect and today's update is no exception.  However, everything we wrote in the minus column (and trust us, it's not much!) is just minor nitpicking.  OK, so the izakaya kept playing the same 3 minute festival song over and over.  It was mildly annoying if you paid it a lot of attention which most of you won't as extreme listening is only a requirement when subtitling.  We also felt a little sorry for the AV star who helped out in the final scene.  The final moments had her essentially being a third wheel when we felt she could have taken on a more active role.

KAORU OSHIMA may be retired from the industry and also from future ZENRA updates, but we will keep on showing newhalf and cross-dresser titles indefinitely!  This is a genre that deserves as much exposure as possible and we're happy that we're in a position to make this happen.

*In interviews, KAORU OSHIMA has always considered and referred to himself as a man who dresses otherwise.  He does not consider himself a MtF transgender.  He is not transitioning.  He does not have any plans to transition.  Thus, when we write about KAORU OSHIMA, we knowingly refer to him in the masculine whereas if we were writing about newhalfs, we'd err on the side of referring to them as female.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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